Tories issue licences to property developers to kill protected robins, starlings, blackbirds, sparrows, bullfinches

Pride's Purge

Natural England and Natural Resources Wales have mysteriously given the go-ahead for protected species such as robins, starlings, blackbirds and bullfinches to be shot.

I say mysteriously, because the reasons given are very strange.

When asked why these licences have been granted, Natural England simply claim the birds are a “threat to public health and air safety” and the slaughter is to “prevent serious damage to livestock”.

It’s somewhat hard to imagine how starlings and robins could ever be a danger to the public or herds of cows.

Of course, the fact that these protected nesting birds are one of the biggest problems facing property developers (*see information below) when they attempt to develop brownfield sites for residential housing is nothing at all to do with the decision.

As, I’m sure, is the fact that the Chair of Natural England, Andrew Sells, also happens to be one of the founders of Linden Homes, a property development…

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BUSTED! Murdoch hack pretends to be Labour supporter leaving party over Corbyn

Pride's Purge

There’s a touching article in the Independent today from a supposedly lifelong Labour supporter who has left the party because of Corbyn.

The emotional piece – explaining how this supposedly poor normal Labour supporter from a supposedly working class family had now joined the Lib Dems – was written by someone called Liz Jarvis:

liz jarvis 5

But wait a moment.

Surely not the same Liz Jarvis – editor of extremely posh luxury cruise travel magazine Cruise International:

Surely not the same Liz Jarvis, editor at Chelsea Publishers  publisher of exclusive lifestyle magazines for sloany posh types?

Surely not the same Liz Jarvis who was once Rupert Murdoch’s Travel Editor at News International:

Surely not the same Liz Jarvis one-time Express and Sun hack:

Surely not that poor, working class, lifelong Labour supporter Liz Jarvis?

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and so it goes …

For the past few weeks my health, and emotions, have been on something of a roller-coaster ride; it’s difficult enough living with chronic-illness / chronic pain but, when more mundane bugs (doing the rounds) place an additional burden on one’s already low stamina reserves, an unwelcome veneer of despair enters the frame. Fortunately, these more mundane viral attacks tend to dissipate after a couple of weeks, but never before time.

Exhaustion still seems to hold control of the reigns, even when one is experiencing an apparently more alert and energized spell. As agonizing pain & exhaustion takes control so one’s temper frays and, against one’s better judgement, expletives tend to fill the air.

This evening the pain in upper limbs, joints and lymph nodes, has defied the efficacy of 100mg of tramadol. Malcolm is not a happy bunny but, still manages to put on a brave smiling face in an attempt to deceive himself. More happily, I am still fortunate enough to be capable of deriving tremendous enjoyment from a catholicity of music, DVDs, poetry and paintings.

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Pub chain owner denies using taxpayer money to subsidise wages in public row with DWP over Universal Credit

Pride's Purge

UPDATE: Both tweets deleted. Looks like this is something the DWP and some employers would rather taxpayers didn’t know about.

Probably not the best PR for a wealthy businessman to be seen publicly boasting about how he is happily using taxpayers’ money to subsidise his staff wages.

So it’s a bit strange to see this tweet from the DWP quoting the MD and owner of pub chain Whiting and Hammond bragging about how so very little he pays his staff that his workers have to rely on Universal Credit to get by:

Unfortunately for the DWP,  Whiting and Hammond are now publicly denying everything that was said in the quote.

So much so, in fact, that they have asked the DWP to take down the tweet:

Blimey. Perhaps Theresa May and the DWP are so desperate to find any support at all for their utterly disastrous and so very cruel

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Air pollution in North Yorks village changed from rural to urban levels as Third Energy prepared to frack


171010 KM8 Leigh Coghill 2 Heavy goods vehicle transport equipment to the Third Energy fracking site through Kirby Misperton, North Yorkshire, 10 October 2017. Photo: Leigh Coghill

Air quality near Third Energy’s gas site in North Yorkshire deteriorated as the company mobilised equipment and got ready to frack, research has revealed.

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Poppy Day Dilemmas


 This post originally appeared on my blog ‘The Word of Sinna Luvva‘ on November 10 last year
As both a Christian and a Socialist, I always have problems with the celebration of militarism otherwise known as Poppy Day. Whether or not I would have had sufficient strength of character to stand by my pacifist principles in extreme circumstances is something that used to cause me considerable  concern but, there are also other issues involved.
Much soul searching was involved, even when I had attempted to renounce my Xtian faith and, subsequently joined a revolutionary socialist organization. Don’t get me wrong, I was already a socialist when I became a Christian, and failed to see the apparent necessity of taking on the petty bourgeois pretensions & morality that seemed to be the norm for evangelicals those days and saw communism, in an idealistic sense, as being far more…

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Remembrance Day: Hypocrisy of Tories and royals


Today is the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I. 

WilfredOwen.jpgWilfred Owen

Millions of working-class people from around the world were killed in the war.  It was a battle for dominance between capitalist empires in Europe to see who could gain an upper hand to be able to exploit the most people; it was also a squabble between members of an incestuous royal family.  There was no other point to the war.

  • No land was gained by either side at the war’s end.
  • A generation of young men were slaughtered.
  • Millions of pounds, francs and marks were wasted on destruction.

After the war capitalist economies collapsed.  (Russia took a different route economically and also rid itself of its royals.)

One hundred years later, politicians in the war’s participating countries are commemorating the armistice.  Of course, it is entirely correct that prime ministers, presidents and royals would observe remembrance…

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