Letter by over 100 left-wing Jews supporting Chris Williamson removed by Guardian. Read it still here:

Pride's Purge

The Guardian newspaper has removed a letter from over 100 prominent left-wing Jews – including Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein and the actor Ed Asner – in support of Labour MP Chris Williamson against accusations of antisemitism:

This is apparently after a complaint from the anti-Corbyn and rather more right-wing Board of Deputies of British Jews.

This is simply censorship of Jewish voices on the left.

Therefore, in the name of openness and balance, here is the letter and the signatories reproduced in full. Please share:

Guardian Letter 9th July 2019

Jewish Statement: Reinstate Chris Williamson

We the undersigned, all Jews, are writing in support of Chris Williamson and to register our dismay at the recent letter organised by Tom Watson, and signed by parliamentary Labour party and House of Lords members, calling for his suspension.

Chris Williamson did not say that the party had been “too apologetic about…

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Far-right anti-semites infiltrating pro-Israel Jewish groups

Pride's Purge

We have truly gone through the looking glass and come out in a world turned upside down.

Rabidly antisemitic far-right neo-nazis and Holocaust deniers are hiding their previous antisemitism and forging links to pro-Israel Jewish groups in order to further the popularity of their anti-immigration ideas and sow hate against the Left.

Far-right antisemite Peter Sweden is a key figure linking far-right groups across Europe. Here is just some of his previous views about Jews, from just 3 years ago:

OK. So far so rabidly anti-semitic.

But just look at our Jew-hater Peter now, in 2019:

And here’s our very own Katie Hopkins being “warmly greeted” by right-wing Jews:

Katie, of course, is a close friend of our Holocaust-denying, rabidly anti-semitic Swedish neo-Nazi, who thinks she’s “lovely”:

I’m certain many Jews would be appalled by this, if only they knew about it.

But of course, the antisemitic views of these…

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This damaged Tory government needs putting out of its misery

Labour Hub

This is the editorial from the latest issue of Labour Briefing magazine

The US continues to ratchet up tensions against Iran, alleging it attacked oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman, while offering scant evidence in support. The tanker owner directly contradicted the Trump version of events and Japan and European countries reacted with deep scepticism. Iran denied responsibility, but the UK government parroted the White House line, a position Jeremy Corbyn correctly challenged. Meanwhile 1,000 more US troops have been dispatched to an already highly militarised region.

Behind these headlines, however, a more insidious process is at work. Crippling US sanctions with the declared intent of “bringing Iran’s oil exports to zero” are cutting off Iran’s principal source of revenue. These sanctions are also applied to third parties who trade with Iran. Similar sanctions on Venezuela will hit $9 billion of oil exports in 2019, plunging that country further…

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Open Letter To Tom Watson About Brexit

Turning the Tide

Dear Tom Watson

A significant number of Labour Party Members have experienced ever growing disgust over your determination to represent your views as our own over Brexit, when in truth, the membership has very complex and diverse views on this difficult subject. To claim with certainty that you speak for us all, is both disingenuous and wrong and alienates those of us who do not share your views. It is also hypocritical. You did not care how the membership felt about Corbyn’s leadership back in 2016 when you urged him to resign, but now suddenly, it’s the most important thing to you.

Many of us who are working tirelessly to ensure we achieve a Labour majority at the next General Election, fully understand and endorse the position of the Leadership over Brexit, which is to respect the 2016 EU Referendum result, whilst minimising disruption and harm to our economy. This…

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The Greatest Bird On Earth

just stumbled across this post about an amazing bird, very informative.

G. J. Gamble


No British summer would be complete without the screech of Swifts darting overhead. This distinctive call is incomparably evocative of a blissful, warm summers day; for me a trigger of childhood memories playing out in the fields during ever-lasting school breaks or later, time spent in a third-floor apartment in St Ives, Cornwall (heaven!) where, once evening fell, a group of overzealous Swifts would rise up steep streets from the town below and erupt volcano-like inches from the old wooden window frames, plucking insects from the humid air at what seemed a million miles per hour, screeches reverberating so loud as if they were all but in the room before squealing excitedly back into the streets below, their whistle trailing off like a distant firework.

Now I’m more content to whittle away summer evenings watching and listening to the Swifts high above my home and the fields next-door from the…

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ill at ease and strange release

Strange as it may seem to some, my best, most refreshing, sleep frequently occurs after the returning daylight hours have become established. No matter how restless, torturous, or even relaxed the preceding bed-rest hours have been, any sleep attained after say 08.00hrs always seems to be the soundest. As for night’s, and when applicable daytime’s snatched sleep or rest, I have to admit that I feel truly blessed whenever I manage to emerge from the experience feeling properly ‘refreshed’, an event that may occur as often as one occasion in the week. How blissful it is to have temporarily overcome the phenomenon of ‘unrefreshing’ sleep.


After that rambling prologue, I now move on to today’s difference. Having retired to the duvet lair at 23.00hrs, last evening, I managed to snatch my first spell of sleep after 02.20hrs. By 04.10hrs I briefly attained a state of semi-alertness which was followed by intermittent bouts of sleep and waking alertness. At around 9.00am, my beloved took Piper out for his morning walk having first assured me that she would be back before 10.00am, a little earlier than my usual emergence from the bed’s hold over me. The reason for this assurance was the impending arrival of workmen at 10.00hrs to start work on re-vamping our downstairs loo.


I drifted back into the realm of sleep only to be startled back to the awoken world, by a stridently ringing doorbell, at around 09.30hrs; I hastily crawled out of bed, donned dressing gown, stumbled down the stairs and swayed giddily as I opened the front door. The workmen had arrived early, much to my beloved’s surprise, when she arrived back at 09.53, and very much to my weary annoyance. I returned very briefly to the duvet realm, before arising to a host of painful ailments affecting head, torso, upper and lower limbs. My mood, most definitely, was not of a very beneficial nature as I contemplated the prospect of minor additional exertion required to ascend, and subsequently descend, the staircase each time I required the loo during the next few days. Spastic colon and erratic bladder function conspire to ensure that the additional effort will be required on multiple occasions per diem.


As the stress of the situation took hold, simple misunderstandings rapidly amplified themselves into major crises; it didn’t take long before I found myself unloading a plenitude of expletives towards all other occupants, resident and temporary, of my immediate lebensraum.

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A Quick And Yet

Painfully restless nights have been showering me in abundance of late; how I yearn for those times when bed-rest actually proved restful and, one had the joy of waking refreshed to the new morn, albeit assisted by a strong caffeinated beverage.


My beloved OH generally manages to sleep soundly, unperturbed by the thrashing of my restless legs or the wildly uttered expletives, emanating uncensored from my brain out through my mouth, as the aches and pains attempt to take total control of limbs and torso.


A supply of wrist, elbow, shoulder and knee supports remain in attendance by both bed and armchair side, never quite sure when they will be summoned into action! Much the same applies to the omnipresent box of medications. And yet …


Oh yes, there is fortunately an “and yet” addendum to the above summation of dis-ease. Enjoyment, revelling in the music I listen to via vinyl, cd and the airwaves; movies we watch both broadcast and via dvd and even, dare I utter, VHS tape. Piper, our wonderful hybrid hound, some part beagle, some part podenco (and whatever else) went into this wonderful creation that provides entertainment, love, frustration, and simple amusement. I am fortunate that at present I am able to manage an evening walk with the boy (canine variety) as we let him run freely down squirrel alley, through the wild verges of the local playing field and the adjacent grass tussocked, cow parsley, tree and sapling sprinkled, hound scented haven.


This year the birds have returned to our garden feeding stations, nothing exotic but a rewarding mix of blue tit, coal tit, great tit, house sparrows, goldfinch, starlings, collared doves and also wood pigeons, jackdaws, and bullying magpies. It has, once again, been a delight to watch the always hungry, newly fledged starlings being fed by their elders.


There’s just so much to enjoy in the world around us, just wish the sundry bodily ailments would take a vacation!

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