Poppy Day Dilemmas


 This post originally appeared on my blog ‘The Word of Sinna Luvva‘ on November 10 last year
As both a Christian and a Socialist, I always have problems with the celebration of militarism otherwise known as Poppy Day. Whether or not I would have had sufficient strength of character to stand by my pacifist principles in extreme circumstances is something that used to cause me considerable  concern but, there are also other issues involved.
Much soul searching was involved, even when I had attempted to renounce my Xtian faith and, subsequently joined a revolutionary socialist organization. Don’t get me wrong, I was already a socialist when I became a Christian, and failed to see the apparent necessity of taking on the petty bourgeois pretensions & morality that seemed to be the norm for evangelicals those days and saw communism, in an idealistic sense, as being far more…

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Remembrance Day: Hypocrisy of Tories and royals


Today is the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I. 

WilfredOwen.jpgWilfred Owen

Millions of working-class people from around the world were killed in the war.  It was a battle for dominance between capitalist empires in Europe to see who could gain an upper hand to be able to exploit the most people; it was also a squabble between members of an incestuous royal family.  There was no other point to the war.

  • No land was gained by either side at the war’s end.
  • A generation of young men were slaughtered.
  • Millions of pounds, francs and marks were wasted on destruction.

After the war capitalist economies collapsed.  (Russia took a different route economically and also rid itself of its royals.)

One hundred years later, politicians in the war’s participating countries are commemorating the armistice.  Of course, it is entirely correct that prime ministers, presidents and royals would observe remembrance…

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A Zionist Israeli declares wish to interfere in other countries’ democratic processes

TheCritique Archives

by Martin Odoni

We already know that Israel and its supporters assume the right to interfere in the Governments of other countries – Shai Masot inadvertently made that pretty inescapable. But someone in the Zionist movement clearly forgot to tell academic Manfred Gerstenfeld that this reality is still supposed to go unspoken in public. It may be an open secret, but it is still an official secret.

Gerstenfeld, an Austrian-Israeli, at the weekend just past wrote an article that was published in the Jerusalem Post, in which he performed an all-too-familiar character-assassination on Jeremy Corbyn. He titled it in rather militaristic terms, Battling Corbyn, Israel’s main British enemy. The word enemy in particular is startling, as it implies that Gerstenfeld sees a critic or vocal opponent is indistinguishable from a violent, blood-seeking foe.

Gerstenfeld v CorbynManfred Gernstenfeld, an Austro-Israeli academic, has written a hatchet-job article on Jeremy Corbyn.

Now, most…

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random onset – chronic & acute

This happens far too regularly and yet, it still catches me unawares, a total surprise. This afternoon, just relaxing with my faithful pooch laying beside me on the sofa,, when a sudden griping, annoyingly discomforting, ache in the armpits, brings back the feelings of nausea. Shortly after this griping ache a throbbing pain takes over my elbows, whilst wrists ache in a manner similar to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Sometimes the application of elbow and/or wrist supports serve to alleviate the nausea sensation and, the throbbing aches gradually subside; on other occasions even opioid painkillers fail to dispel the more severe discomforting pain. Quite frequently the armpit pain occurs when I’ve been holding a tabloid size newspaper or a tablet PC for more than a few minutes; when this occurs I have to discard my cardigan as the armpit seems overly constricted but application of a shoulder support, which settles more tightly in the armpits, can sometimes alleviate the discomforting pain.


The first two paragraphs were written on two separate days, the usual problems, as described above, prevented me from spending sufficient time on the laptop to rediscover the document so far. I’m managing to keep posting to my twitter feed and almost keeping up with facebook posts, primarily via tablet, but concentration tends to dissipate as soon as the aches and pains begin.

Today the armpit pain came on more acutely, even though I wasn’t holding either newspaper or tablet. Donning of a shoulder support which fitted quite tightly in the armpit did distract me from the initial acute pain but, within a minute it was necessary to don wrist and palm supports to alleviate an intense, tear inducing, discomforting pain in my wrists. It was necessary, today, to resort to a couple of 50mg Tramadol.

I realize this may be much ado about nothing but, it may help to explain the paucity of posts from yours truly.


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Picture post: Hundreds gather at fracking site for climate rally

This gallery contains 16 photos.

Originally posted on DRILL OR DROP?:
National Climate Rally, near Cuadrilla site at Preston New Road, 20 October 2018. Photo: Refracktion A crowd estimated at 1,000 shouted “Cuadrilla go home” at a climate rally outside the company’s fracking site near…

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Research finds ‘inaccuracies and distortions’ in media coverage of antisemitism and the Labour Party

Politics and Insights

Noam Chomsky, Yanis Varoufakis, Ken Loach, Brian Eno, Des Freedman, Justin Schlosberg and 21 others write about a recent report by the Media Reform Coalition.

Source: Guardian Letters 

We have long had serious concerns about the lack of due impartiality and accuracy in the reporting of allegations of antisemitism against Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party. The recent report by the Media Reform Coalition examining coverage of Labour’s revised code of conduct on antisemitism shows that we are right to be concerned. 

The research examined over 250 articles and broadcast news segments and found over 90 examples of misleading or inaccurate reporting. In relation to the IHRA definition of antisemitism that was at the heart of the dispute, the research found evidence of “overwhelming source imbalance” in which critics of Labour’s code of conduct dominated coverage, with nearly 50% of Guardian reports, for example, failing to…

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The threat of violence against the Left is growing. (TRIGGER WARNING – disturbing pictures)

This gallery contains 10 photos.

Originally posted on TheCritique Archives:
by Martin Odoni The endless narrative of ‘bullying’ and ‘aggression’ by the Left in this country almost invariably goes unquestioned in the media. Abusive terminology such as ‘Trots-rabble-dogs‘, alongside long lists of (rather soft) complaints…

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