Media ignore #AWOLMay to talk Lab/Trident. See Tories lying about it


This morning it appears that the agreed attack line of the collusive Establishment media is to ignore Theresa May’s disappearance from public view and instead to focus on old news – Corbyn, Labour and Trident.

One of the worst culprits, the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg, even tried to make May’s cowardice and dereliction of duty into a masterstroke:

lk awol mayBut if old news is on the menu, the real issue is not Jeremy Corbyn’s well-known dislike for the idea of incinerating millions of innocent men, women and children. After all, who’d want a leader with even a hint of keenness on that?

Far more pertinent is that, just 3 months ago, the Tories were wriggling like worms on the hook after being caught out lying to Parliament and the nation about Trident’s unreliability after a test-fired missile had to be remotely brought down to prevent it landing in Florida.

Not a…

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2.5k joined Labour yesterday. Here’s how you can – and how to register to vote


vote!As the outstanding Labour MP Grahame Morris observed, the Labour Party gained 2,500 new members in a single day yesterday, after Theresa May announced her ‘snap election’:

People are recognising that Mrs May’s fear-driven decision is an unexpected opportunity to put an end to the disaster of Tory government and the damage it continues to inflict on our nation.

If you want to do the same, visit the Labour joining page.

It’s even more important that you make sure that you and everyone you know is registered to vote. The Tories disenfranchised huge numbers of people when they ignored the warnings of the Electoral Commission and changed voter registration rules.

The Tories won in 2015 with the votes of less than a quarter…

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Coyle’s investigation by Labour goes far beyond one bullying email

Always thought of Progrees as a right-wing entryist group in the Labour Party – just imagine the PLPs reaction if a socialist was so dismissive of a career politician in the way Coyle & cronies attack a principled leader!


coyle face‘Labour’ MP Neil Coyle

A very short while ago, Progress MP Neil Coyle appeared on Sky News to defend himself over his reporting by Jeremy Corbyn’s office – not by Corbyn himself – to the Labour Whips. He also appeared in yesterday’s Sun on Sunday with what appears to be a pre-emptive attack on Labour front-benchers over a supposed lack of parliamentary questions – and today in another right-wing rag, the Daily Mail, claiming he won’t be ‘intimidated’:

coyle mail.png

Mr Coyle should be better able to recognise ‘intimidation’. He has a track record for publicly attacking Labour staff and colleagues, for example his weight jibe on Twitter against Shadow Cabinet member Richard Burgon – and that Sun article, claiming Labour front-benchers are not doing their job properly:

coyle sun.pngThis is not an isolated incident. Coyle’s behaviour on Twitter recently has deteriorated and he has been running to the Sun with increasing frequency:

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This post was originally published on my Sinna Luvva blog  in October 2005


Jesus Lives

Jesus of Nazareth, referred to by the faith community, in the light of that experience called “resurrection, as the Christ, has a hold on me. His subversion, and some would say fulfilment, of the religious culture in which he was raised continues to excite me through all the fluctuating phases of my faith journey.

The fact that he was fully human implies to me that he shared our weaknesses in order to walk fully alongside us. He was no respecter of social status, and was frequently to be found alongside the poor, the oppressed and outcast of society. I’ve always loved that primitive Christian hymn in Philippians 2:6-11 – He “did not consider equality with God something to be grasped, but made himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant …”

What a contrast to some world leaders who, claiming to be his followers, act as if they have exclusive access to God’s will and, in so many actions (that they order their subjects to perform) bring shame to the name of Jesus the Christ. Unfortunately, right from the birth of Christendom in the 4th century CE, there have been attempts to transform the “good news to the poor” into a message which is used to further subjugate the poor and oppressed.

Excuse the rambling but, I’ve just been enjoying the nation’s top ten hymns on tonight’s “Songs of Praise” some of which rate amongst my favourite’s, Wesley’s ‘Love Divine’ and, in the top 20 (last week’s edition of the programme)another of Wesley’s ‘And Can It Be’. All of Charles Wesley’s hymns have a theological profundity which is hard to match, embracing the life, death and resurrection. [Must admit, although I may be stirred, how much of it I accept is a variable feast!]

Personally, I feel equally at home with Ewan MacColl’s ‘Ballad Of The Carpenter’ as with a Wesley hymn, I love the recognition of the political dynamic in Jesus’ life and ministry but, I am still moved by the symbols of a more traditional Christianity … I know that Jesus lives! But, were he simply an avatar of YHWH what would be so remarkable about that, a symbol of a definition rather than a beacon in the fight against oppression and injustice. The man Jesus died early in the Common Era, many profess to witnessing his physically resuscitated form but, most importantly, his Word and Spirit inspire action to counter oppression and injustice wherever it occurs.

It is time to reclaim Jesus and to be empowered through the symbols of the faith.

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The Affirmation …. Life “As If ….”


A time when one feels extraordinarily aware of one’s own mortality may seem to be an inopportune one for starting to re-assemble one’s faith convictions; alternatively what better time?

Having always been aware of the interpretative skills of the various NT authors, only recently has it become more of an imperative for me to sort out the wheat from the chaff! The last thing I want is to fall back on “my own experience” as the sole basis for faith, nor do I wish to make  Faith into a God. The big question is, do I make Jesus of Nazareth (proclaimed the Christ by his followers) into a God?

I have long held that accepting Jesus simply as an examplar of a certain lifestyle somehow falls short of the mark, ….. why follow a dead man etc.! Of course, I believe in the resurrection; something happened to a  group of…

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For the past couple of days I’ve been attempting to reactivate iolo System Mechanic 16.5 premium. I first installed it on two old machines in February then, more recently, on a newer machine where it seemed to be working fine.


Then came update patch; since that time I’ve been unable to activate my key. Let me re-phrase that: it has regularly informed me that it has successfully activated and will fix any problems. Immediately when I press the FIX NOW button I’m asked to submit & confirm my e-mail address or enter activation key. The circle keeps on rolling round and paid for System Mechanic remins inactive.


On twitter, @iolo_technologies suggested that my problems would be resolved by installing patch which contained a “bug fix” for people who had a problem with activation keys on version 16.5.2. 212! Apparently some lucky buggers who were having similar problems, to my current ones, have been blessed with a fix which makes mine inoperable.


I’ve even downloaded and installed a fresh copy of version, rather than from my IOLO CD, and guess what. I’m still unable to activate this supposedly useful product. I’m currently regretting having paid for a premium version.

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and ache becomes pain – literal & metaphorical

and ache becomes pain – literal & metaphorical


I wrote, quite recently, about the difficulty of defining / distinguishing an ache from a pain. This morning, sundry expressions of the former were, rather rapidly, transformed into examples of the latter.

Sudden onset nauseating aches in fingers, wrists, elbows, knees and armpits soon had me curling up on the sofa, upper arms clamped firmly to my side, fingers tightly intertwined and the heels of my hands clasped firmly together.

At the same time, the heels of my feet were drawn up close to the buttocks and, my forehead pressed onto my clasped hands; the initial ache was temporarily subdued by my adopting this unusual posture but, within a further ten minutes, the aches transmogrified into acute sharp searing pain which manipulated lacrimal, salivary and mucous glands into overdrive.

A sore grating feel to the throat, such as may signify the onset of a cold, provided a counterpoint to those other aches which by now had become a real pain!

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