A Quick And Yet

Painfully restless nights have been showering me in abundance of late; how I yearn for those times when bed-rest actually proved restful and, one had the joy of waking refreshed to the new morn, albeit assisted by a strong caffeinated beverage.


My beloved OH generally manages to sleep soundly, unperturbed by the thrashing of my restless legs or the wildly uttered expletives, emanating uncensored from my brain out through my mouth, as the aches and pains attempt to take total control of limbs and torso.


A supply of wrist, elbow, shoulder and knee supports remain in attendance by both bed and armchair side, never quite sure when they will be summoned into action! Much the same applies to the omnipresent box of medications. And yet …


Oh yes, there is fortunately an “and yet” addendum to the above summation of dis-ease. Enjoyment, revelling in the music I listen to via vinyl, cd and the airwaves; movies we watch both broadcast and via dvd and even, dare I utter, VHS tape. Piper, our wonderful hybrid hound, some part beagle, some part podenco (and whatever else) went into this wonderful creation that provides entertainment, love, frustration, and simple amusement. I am fortunate that at present I am able to manage an evening walk with the boy (canine variety) as we let him run freely down squirrel alley, through the wild verges of the local playing field and the adjacent grass tussocked, cow parsley, tree and sapling sprinkled, hound scented haven.


This year the birds have returned to our garden feeding stations, nothing exotic but a rewarding mix of blue tit, coal tit, great tit, house sparrows, goldfinch, starlings, collared doves and also wood pigeons, jackdaws, and bullying magpies. It has, once again, been a delight to watch the always hungry, newly fledged starlings being fed by their elders.


There’s just so much to enjoy in the world around us, just wish the sundry bodily ailments would take a vacation!

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Beware far-right candidates posing as ‘independents’ in local elections

Pride's Purge

Labour MP Jo Cox was murdered by a local far-right extremist in her constituency who hated ethnic and religious diversity, her tolerance and her opposition to Brexit.

So it’s probably not surprising that other local far-right extremists in her constituency who also hate ethnic and religious diversity, tolerance and opposition to Brexit are desperately trying to cover their tracks in the forthcoming local elections.

At least two hard-right candidates, Aleks Lukic and Paul Halloran – who are standing in two Batley wards on May 2nd – are claiming to be ‘independents’:

But a quick dig reveals that Lukic is actually a former hardline UKIP parliamentary candidate …

Here’s Lukic explaining why all anti-discrimination laws should be abolished

As for Halloran, it turns out he is a hard-line anti-Muslim campaigner whose many obsessively anti-Muslim ponderings on Facebook are now mostly deleted (of course). Here’s an example:

Halloran also once…

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Police insp who shopped Diane Abbott for drinking on train faced disciplinary for far-right comments

Pride's Purge

The retired Met’ Detective Chief Inspector who took a photograph of Diane Abbott MP drinking a mojito on a train was disciplined and forced into early retirement because of his far-right wing posts on social media.

In 2016, DCI Mick Neville faced disciplinary action for homophobic comments and rants about “left-wing idiots” and migrants who have “turned London into a foreign city”.

Unluckily for Mr Neville, and the Sun and the Mail who tried to make something from this story, their plans have backfired spectacularly.

The story has only gone to make Diane Abbott more human and more popular in the public’s eyes.

Personally, I think obsessive strange men secretly taking photographs of women on trains is much more worrying than someone taking a little drink from a can on the way home from work.

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Campaigning against antisemitism only – while ignoring other racism – is simply white supremacy in action

Pride's Purge

This might be my most controversial blogpost yet. But truth hurts sometimes.

And here it is.

Antisemitism exists in the UK. Real, stomach-churning Holocaust denial, hatred for Jews so strong some people would literally see other people burn because of their race or religion.

I myself had to wade through this disgusting bile in an investigation we made of the most active British anti-semites who are openly operating online:

Profile of British antisemites: right-wing, anti-Corbyn, pro-Brexit, love Daily Mail, hate Muslims too

Our investigation revealed that anti-semites almost always hate Muslims and people of other races and religions too, and that most anti-semites in the UK are on the Right and actually hate Jeremy Corbyn, not support him.

Of course, it’s not rocket science. Racists are racist, racism is racism.

And there is a huge amount of it. Black MPs such as David Lammy and Diane Abbott get massive amounts…

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Anticipating the Unexpected!?

Today, just sitting, no laptop, no tablet, no newssheet in my hands, none of the usual suspects for me to blame; just sat, watching a movie on TV when, suddenly, tiredness, acute throbbing pain in elbows and wrists overwhelmed me. The by now familiar, yet almost indescribable, hollow aching, disconcerting, nausea inducing, discomforting pain in the armpits rapidly produced a counterpoint to the more acute staccato rhythm playing in and through the wrist and elbows.


A further sensation, as if I felt the blood falling and draining from my face and head formed an accompaniment to the sudden pallor, acknowledged by my beloved OH almost immediately after the events’ dawn.  Come to think of it, I should have been more prepared for these events onset; on emerging from the duvet lair, and venturing towards the bathroom, my lower limbs felt hollow and feeling as if the knees  were attempting to bend the opposite way to the joints natural construction. By now, I should be prepared to anticipate the unexpected, yet again!

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More Brexiter lies: No – the Revoke Art. 50 petition is NOT being faked by Russian bots or fraudsters

Pride's Purge

According to leading Brexiters, the petition to revoke article 50 (sign here) allows people to sign multiple times, allows non-Brits from abroad to sign it and is being boosted by “armies” of fake Russian bots:

petition 3All lies.

The extraordinary success of the petition (over 3 million and still counting at the time of writing) has got panicking Brexit leaders rolling out porkies to their easily hoodwinked supporters to rival those written on the side of a bus.

LIE 1: the petition allows people to sign multiple times.

It is possible to sign the petition multiple times but the signature will only be counted as a genuine signature and added to the petition count once it is verified by email address. And each email address is verified as valid and unique to each signer’s name after the IP address and identity has passed through anti-abuse measures by no…

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The media’s fanfare of a Corbyn-backed second referendum is untrue

Politics and Insights

fake newsThe mainstream media have just widely announced that Jeremy Corbyn is to back a second EU referendum. However, this is very dishonest, as no referendum motion has actually been tabled.

Furthermore, the media also need to learn the significant difference between a ‘people’s vote’, which is about asking the public about the terms of Brexit, and a completely new referendum. The Conservative office posted a highly dishonest tweet claiming that the Labour party are somehow “trying to stop Brexit”, so I am deeply suspicious of the fanfare of completely incorrect announcements in the media this evening.

Here is the Labour party’s  actual press release:

“From: Labour Party Press Office press@labour.org.uk
Sent: 25 February 2019 17:27
To: Labour Party Press Office press@labour.org.uk

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