Rentoul tries to justify #Hammond ‘no unemployed’ – makes it worse


This morning, Philip Hammond caused outrage by telling Andrew Marr (video) that ‘there are no unemployed people’ – when there are 1.4 million in the UK, alongside those termed ‘economically inactive’ and not counted among them.

Blairite ‘journalist’ John Rentoul quickly leaped to the hapless and heartless Tory chancellor’s defence on social media, trying to justify and explain away the callous and fallacious remark:

rentoul hammond.pngApparently, because Hammond was talking about shorthand typists, that makes it ok – because he somehow magically knows that none of the 1.4 million unemployed people would have a job as a shorthand typist if they still existed these days.

In fact, the context makes Hammond’s nonsense even worse, because it betrays the innate Tory dishonesty and incompetence on the economy and jobs – and dismisses the plight of an enormous number of our people.

The UK has seen a massive increase in…

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Egg on politician/MSM faces in Fawkes-based attack on Emma D-C


edcLabour MP Emma Dent-Coad

Coincidence is a curious thing. Today, Kensington Labour MP Emma Dent-Coad launched a new report on inequality in her area.

At the same time, Kensington, Chelsea and Fulham Conservatives (KCFC) have rightly been the target of scorn and contempt for sending a questionnaire to residents asking whether they thought the Grenfell Tower tragedy was still important.

And on the very same day, the Establishment ‘happens’ to ‘discover’ a supposed racism ‘scandal’ about the Ms Dent-Coad.

KCFC sent a form to locals, in which their Grenfell question – alongside issues such as bin collections and recycling – displayed a callousness that shocked even veteran Tory-watchers who thought nothing could surprise them:

kcc letter.jpgHandily for the Tories, the right-wing Fawkes blog came up with a seven-year-oldarticle by then-councillor Emma Dent-Coad and blared about a ‘vicious 2010 blog post that really is dripping venom and hate‘ toward…

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New Establishment attack on the SKWAWKBOX


media.pngThe SKWAWKBOX is regulated by IMPRESS, the UK’s only independent, Leveson-compliant press regulator. The Establishment media tried – and failed humiliatingly – to shut down IMPRESS via the courts, leaving IPSO – which the media transparency organisation Hacked Offcalledthe illusion of reform‘ – as the only regulator standing.

The large, mainly billionaire-owned press publications subscribe to IPSO, the intriguingly-named ‘Independent Press Standards Organisation’ – essentially self-regulation: until recently, the chair of IPSO was Paul Dacre, the editor of the Daily Mail.

Some months ago, the SKWAWKBOX lodged a complaint against the Daily Mail and the S*n about their ‘fake news’ allegations against this blog. The most surprising thing about IPSO’s decision to reject the complaint and support the two newspapers was the inordinate amount of time it took the organisation to reach it.

The decisions have just been published on the IPSO website –…

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Fox resigned for taking a friend to meetings. Patel asked aid for Israeli army


patel.pngPriti Patel, the Secretary of State for International Development, is under intense pressure to resign but the abject weakness of Theresa May has so far prevented the PM-in-name-only from sacking her for a series of meetings during Patel’s ‘holiday’ in Israel.

Theresa May’s excuse? ‘No damage was done‘:

patel no damage.pngFellow front-bencher Liam Fox also defended his colleague, telling Radio 4’s Today programme:

It’s not in any way forbidden to do that.

Really? Well, perhaps Mr Fox can be excused for thinking that. After all, it was all of six years ago that Fox himself was forced to resign for breaching the ministerial code by taking his friend, Adam Werrity, to official meetings when Werrity had no official status or security clearance.

Such small things can easily slip the mind.

To most of us, though, taking a mate to a meeting would pale into insignificance compared to Downing Street’s confirmation

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Here’s DWP’s Gauke encouraging companies to put profits in #TaxHavens


gauke1Corporate enabler David Gauke

The story of Runcorn woman Elaine Morrall, who died cold and alone in a house she only heated when her children were home from school – after being sanctioned by the DWP (Dept of Work and Pensions) for missing an appointment while she was in intensive care – has gone viral today, as social media users equally appalled and supportive wept over her mother’s letter to councillors about Elaine’s terrible ordeal and tragic death.

Meanwhile, Work and Pensions Secretary David Gauke, the man responsible for the department that ‘sanctioned her to death’, as one Twitter user described it, has featured in a Private Eye article – encouraging corporations to put their profits into tax havens to avoid paying tax on them.

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Hard-line Blairite Remainers use sex scandal to target pro-Brexit MP Kelvin Hopkins

Pride's Purge

Hopkins’ accuser deletes links to anti-Corbyn faction

A lot of people in the public eye – particularly journalists and politicians – seem to be afraid to say this at the moment for fear it could damage their career or their party.

But I’m not a journalist or a politician so I will.

It would be extremely naive indeed to think there aren’t people cynical enough in politics to use the current appalling sex scandals engulfing Westminster for their own nefarious political ends.

Truth is never black and white. It is always complicated.

And so it is with the Westminster sexual harassment cases coming out at the moment.

Some of the accusations are appalling, particularly the accusations that serious crimes been covered up by both the Tory, Lib Dem and Labour leaderships. I hope in these cases the perpetrators are named and shamed and justice is served:

It was also…

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‘Independent’ NEC slate feeding data straight to Progress/Labour First

I’m proud to say that NONE of this slate will ever get my vote!



The contest for three additional places on the party’s NEC (National Executive Committee) is essentially between two ‘slates’ of candidates. On the one side is the ‘grassroots’ slate supported by left-wing organisations. On the other are popular comedian Eddie Izzard, Johanna Baxter and Gurinder Singh Josan in what styles itself the ‘independent’ slate.

The three extra places approved at Septembers annual conference are to represent Labour’s membership on its ruling committee. But is the ‘independent’ slate as independent as it claims to be?

Campaigning is now underway and the ‘Independent NEC reps’ website makes huge play of the supposed independence of the candidates and its significance:

indep nec 2

Members who remember Johanna Baxter’s part in the suspensions of ‘the Purge’ surrounding the 2016 Labour leadership contest will already be raising eyebrows – but there is a more current connection that raises questions about the claim.

The website invites visitors to register their…

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