Corbyn HAS condemned IRA bombing. Parliament has it on record #GE17


Last Friday, the BBC’s Andrew Neil frustrated a majority of viewer and even the press by spending the bulk of his half-hour interview with Jeremy Corbyn on the topic of the IRA. Others have done similarly and it’s to be expected that Jeremy Paxman will do more than touch on the topic tonight.

jc neilCorbyn speaking to Andrew Neil last Friday

One of the main questions that keeps being used is whether Corbyn will condemn IRA violence specifically. Corbyn will answer, because it’s true, that he condemns all bombings.

But he has, in fact, condemned IRA violence specifically. Parliament even has it on record.

In 1994, Labour MP David Winnick proposed an EDM (Early Day Motion) in the Commons commemorating the victims of the IRA bombing in Birmingham 20 years earlier.

The wording of the motion is unequivocal:

That this House notes that it is 20 years since the mass killings…

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Tories aim to woo UKIP voters – by abandoning policy #GE17


Tory newspaper The Telegraph made a remarkable admission yesterday. Well, several really.

telegraph panicThe paper admitted that:

  • it had played into Labour’s hands by featuring Labour’s leaked manifesto
  • that Labour’s manifesto policies are proving to be hugely popular with the public – even former UKIP supporters
  • that the Tories recognise that their own manifesto has been a disaster
  • that the Tories have lost control of the election and are desperate to ‘wrestle it back’
  • that panic is starting among Tory MPs because of Labour’s surge in the polls

However, the most remarkable is that the Tories think the only way they can win the election (just think about that: from a 24-point lead in polls, the Tories are now talking about the only way they can win) is to abandon the ‘weeds’ of policy in order to woo former UKIP voters – by talking, essentially, ‘pie in the sky’.

The article says:

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Video: MI5, MPs, Blair agree with Corbyn on security. Tories claim we’re all safe #GE17


As the Establishment media machine goes into overdrive today to try to rescue Theresa May from the roosting chickens of her cuts to police numbers and resources – and the arrogance that accompanied them – it’s becoming clear that the massive weight of evidence is against any attempt to spin May’s behaviour and decisions into acceptability.

There is a concerted attempt to portray Jeremy Corbyn’s speech this morning as opportunist or insensitive, as if May should have a free pass after she was warned by Corbyn, police and security experts months ago that her police cuts risked exactly the kind of tragedy we saw in Manchester on Monday night.

But MPs and even the notoriously self-justifying former PM Tony Blair have come to exactly the conclusion that Britain’s foreign policy and actions led to the rise of ISIS and other terror groups – making Corbyn’s statement today that securing this…

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No, .@bbcnews, Corbyn’s speech just shows he’s a leader #GE17 #Manchester


So, BBC News and radio appear to be working like ants when their nest is disturbed to talk down Labour’s poll surge and Jeremy Corbyn’s speech this morning, which will highlight the impact on our safety of Theresa May’s constant cuts to police and emergency services.

corbyn hullBBC News had a whole panel of pundits this morning and every single one was keen to write off the significance of Labour’s huge polling improvements since the General Election campaign started – and they, along with the channel’s political reporters, painted Corbyn’s speech as risky. Of course, they might not recognise what it actually is, as it’s been in short supply in UK politics for a long time.

It’s called leadership.

BBC radio presenters were taking a similar line – but inconvenient callers kept saying May’s police cuts were driving them from a lifelong habit of voting Tory into the arms of…

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DISGUSTING: Tory MP campaigned during day of remembrance for Manchester terrorism victims

Pride's Purge

Senior Tory MP Nadhim Zawahi broke the suspension of election campaigning in memory of the Manchester terrorist attack victims to praise the Tory government’s borrowing figures:

The suspension of campaigning was announced by all parties early on the 23rd of May, the day after the horrific attacks which left so many children and parents dead and injured.

But Nadhim decided that tweeting praise for the government right in the middle of the day of remembrance was much more important.

Disgusting …

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May calls in troops to hide her weakness and blame #GE17


Labour supporters have been holding back from campaigning today out of respect for the victims of last night’s atrocity and their families. Theresa May’s announcement tonight that she is putting troops on the streets means that there can be no further holding back.

May’s call to suspend campaigning until Sunday was never anything more than cover. It allowed her to monopolise soundbites of Cobra meetings and threat levels to shore up her crumbling image, while her attack dogs in the media spout nonsense about Corbyn or publish crass and disgusting cartoons in complete disregard for morality or for the feelings of those affected by last night’s tragedy.

But the decision to call in the army to cover her own culpability cannot be borne in silence. It’s too little. Too late. Too blatant.

stable.pngThe Tories – on May‘s watch as Home Secretary – have cut almost 20,000

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#ImWithConnor: young man carried bodily away for trying to talk with May #GE17


In scenes reminiscent of the worst of the Thatcher years, a young man has been wrestled, lifted and carried bodily away for shouting something to Theresa May. As you can see from the footage below, he was not near the Prime Minister, nor making any attempt to get close enough to do any harm – and yet he is forced away from the scene even after May has long since entered a building and, for protesting at the actions of police, he is wrestled violently to the ground after a female police officer is heard saying ‘Let’s just put him down, come on’.

A male officer uses his body weight to buckle the young man – Connor’s – legs to bring him to the ground and then several officers lift him bodily and cart him off:

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