The media’s fanfare of a Corbyn-backed second referendum is untrue

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fake newsThe mainstream media have just widely announced that Jeremy Corbyn is to back a second EU referendum. However, this is very dishonest, as no referendum motion has actually been tabled.

Furthermore, the media also need to learn the significant difference between a ‘people’s vote’, which is about asking the public about the terms of Brexit, and a completely new referendum. The Conservative office posted a highly dishonest tweet claiming that the Labour party are somehow “trying to stop Brexit”, so I am deeply suspicious of the fanfare of completely incorrect announcements in the media this evening.

Here is the Labour party’s  actual press release:

“From: Labour Party Press Office
Sent: 25 February 2019 17:27
To: Labour Party Press Office

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We Are Better Off Without The Spoilt Splitters

Turning the Tide

Seven MPs have quit the Labour Party today, citing the Party’s Brexit strategy and failure to tackle Antisemitism as the issues behind their decision. But are these really the reasons they’ve made like a Banana and split? The right of the party have form on this. When Labour were on track to win a GE under Michael Foot, the gang of four, supported vociferously by a terrified establishment, formed a new party to split the left vote. The right of the Party only approve of broad churches when they are the Arch Bishops and the left are the altar boys – seen but not heard.

Even before Corbyn’s first leadership win, the right of the party have been doing everything in their power to sabotage a Corbyn led Labour Party. They have blamed Corbyn for everything from misogynistic trolling and Antisemitism to Brexit, in their bid to lose him support…

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It’s time to stop saying, “One is too many”

TheCritique Archives

by Martin Odoni

So there you have it. Anti-Semitism in the Labour Party is to be found among less than 0.1% of its membership. As I have been saying since what feels like the Dawn-Of-Time, the British right wing, especially Zionist factions, have been making a giant mountain range out of an ant-hill.

Zionists after Labour AS stats announced0.1% of the party MIGHT be anti-Semites. Yeah. Really worth all this fuss, wasn’t it?

The evidence against the accusers, on the other hand, is truly mountainous. Recent, very corrupt smear tactics by Wes Streeting, and the whining response of the Labour Party’s right wing to moves to have dissatisfaction with Luciana Berger placed on formal record in her local constituency, are enough on their own to show how contrived the furore has been. Add in earlier cynicisms, especially from Margaret Hodge, who actually boasts that around 200 of the complaints made were from herself…

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The Old Familiars Return

And suddenly the old familiars return; I can’t say that they’re particularly welcome but, they do offer a distraction from more recent discomforting visitors. Just as I’d started to relax, after a few hours (as part of the last few days recurrence) suffering from problems with digestive system, gall-bladder, reflux and diverticular disease related problems, the old griping lymph nodes in the armpits, pains in wrists and elbows, returned to the fore. Having strapped up wrists and elbows, upper arms were held tightly against the torso, forearms behind the back with hands tightly clasped, in a partially successful attempt to alleviate the nausea inducing armpit discomfort.

Indigestion pains had become more disturbing as they induced sharp pains in the left hand side of the chest, evidently emanating from a renewed bout of costochondritis; frequent applications of ibuprofen gel to the rib cage seem to be alleviating that condition. In an attempt to alleviate the abdominal discomfort the doctor has switched me from lansoprazole to ranitidine 150mg twice per day. No doubt it will take a little while before any results are noticeable.

On top of these frustrations, my right knee (from which pain was alleviated as a result of an arthroscopy a couple of years back) has started grating again as I walk.  To be honest though, the recent, and current cold spell does tend to exacerbate any rheumatic / arthritic symptoms.

One could say that it’s all happening, at the moment, within my bodily being; even the dreaded post-nasal drip has returned and isn’t responding to the nasal spray. Oh the joys of living and the pleasures of old age. I’m afraid that those closest to me, primarily my beloved OH, are always on the receiving end of my tetchiness induced anger. On top of this my beloved is getting more tired as she awaits a heart valve replacement op. I realize that it has become pretty well a routine procedure these days but, I still can’t help feeling a little anxiety about the whole situation.

I do realize this post makes me seem like a real moaning Minnie but it will have to suffice until I receive, if ever, ample stamina to get back into a more regular blogging routine. Much of the time I’m able to enjoy a wide range of music listening (via CD, radio and online) and quite a lot of movie watching (via DVD and TV broadcast/ catch-up services) so, perhaps I should express a more positive message. I’m even able to take the dog for his short evening walk, with only a few health-imposed abstentions.

I don’t suppose getting older helps my general condition, albeit I’m only well into my 75th year on planet Earth, but my emotional responses and attitudes seem to always be at odds with my chronological age, It seems like my intellectual and emotional life are still quite youthful; well, perhaps still back in my early thirties. If only my physical frame could take that leap back!

PS the use of the term familiars at the head of this post has just made me think of the witches black cat etc; if only I could cast a spell. Meanwhile the prayers of others will have to suffice.

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Tories plan to strip holiday pay, workers’ rights, employer pension contributions after Brexit

Pride's Purge

raab brexit workers rights.png

Why is Theresa May’s former-Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab and other top Tories – so hell-bent on a hard Brexit?

In 2011, Raab said in a policy paper for the rabidly right-wing think-tank the Centre for Policy Studies that holiday pay, the minimum wage, maternity leave and pension contributions for British workers are all ‘strait jackets’ for British businesses and should all be scrapped.

All of which are currently guaranteed under EU regulations.



Here’s a copy of Raab’s shocking policy paper if anyone wants to read it:

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Government changes to Mental Health Capacity Act places human rights of disabled people in jeopardy

Politics and Insights

PictureUnder the Conservative government, applications for the Deprivation of Liberty of citizens have soared. (Source: Court of Protection hub.) 

Last month I wrote an article about the government’s under the radar proposed changes to the Mental Capacity Act, raising my concerns about how it threatens human rights – Government changes to Mental Capacity Act threatens human rights of vulnerable citizens.

Deprivation of Liberty, which is defined in part of the Mental Capacity Act 2005, is there to ensure that there are checks and balances for a person placed in care, that decisions are made in their best interest and that an independent advocate can be appointed to speak on their behalf in these decision making processes. The government asked the Law Commission to review the legal framework that is called Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLs) which is put in place when a person who lacks capacity is placed in…

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Theresa May allies caught spreading anti-semitic propaganda

Pride's Purge

Theresa May’s Conservatives sit in the EU parliament with their close allies in the European Conservatives and Reformists group Poland’s far-right Law and Justice Party.

One of their first acts when Law and Justice came to power was to sack the board of state television and replace it with its supporters.

A Law and Justice politician – Jacek Kurski – was given the job as president of the board and the main state TV channels are now nothing more than propaganda tools for the ruling populist party.

The Law and Justice Party has for years been accused of extreme anti-semitism – but they tend to be careful these days – lest it embarrasses their European allies.

However, last week, Law and Justice showed an animation falsely accusing a popular charity of giving money to opposition politicians:

The accusations led to the murder of an opposition politician on Sunday – Gdansk…

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