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The Fear of Loneliness

Where to begin, where do these words go as I fling them out into the great unknown. Where am I coming from; my anxiety has now veered close to the territory of a fully fledged reactive depression. Don’t get me … Continue reading

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one helluva night – with tears to follow

  Well that was one helluva night! No, I don’t mean it was brilliant or enjoyable, indeed the opposite would seem to apply. For a large section of the night, which should have been spent either at rest or asleep, … Continue reading

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A general mode of tetchiness rapidly transmogrified into an explosive compound of anger, frustration and despair. All of a sudden, slow oozing droplets of distress became a raging torrent of tears. The trigger for this outburst was the conclusion of … Continue reading


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This post also appears on ‘The Word of Sinna Luvva’. The primary reason that I frequently publish the same article on each blog is that readers often tend to stick with either Blogger or Word Press etc. – rarely travelling … Continue reading

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