Dear Sir Keir…

An excellent open letter to Keith!

An Ordinary Labour Member

You might remember that four months ago I wrote to you fraternally, as an ordinary Labour Party member, with seven proposals for the future of the party. I hope you found them interesting and useful – I was taken aback by how many thousands of other people backed my suggestions when I shared them more widely.

Congratulations on your performance at Prime Minister’s Questions today. I thought your “bring your own boos” joke was a cut above what usually passes for humour at PMQs. I was pleased too to hear you say that “anyone who believes in decency, security, prosperity and respect is welcome in your Labour Party” in response to Christian Wakeford’s defection. I am sure I am not the only person watching who saw this as a hint that you will shortly be restoring the whip to Jeremy Corbyn.

After all, if there is a welcome in your…

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