Daily Mail forced to shut down comments after readers go into meltdown over blundering Theresa May

Pride's Purge

The Daily Mail is valiantly trying to spin Theresa May’s disastrous half u-turn on Tory manifesto plans to take homes off pensioners suffering from dementia.

But uncharacteristically, the Mail has had to close comments on its latest pro-Tory article, after it was inundated with furious criticism from their own irate elderly readers:

Fortunately for us, the ever excellent @DMReporter on Twitter has managed to screenshot a few of the highest-rated comments before they were closed down:

I smell something …

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#DementiaTax – what happens when SURVIVING spouse needs care too? #GE17


tories robbing widowsThe Tories plan to rob surviving spouses and their families (image by @ukdemockery

In spite of the uproar – and the migration of elderly voters to Labour – caused by the Tories’ plans to make older people pay even for care at home out of the value of their house, the Tories have attempted to make the plan out to be ‘fair’ and have focused on the ‘cap’ on care costs – and the claim that people won’t be forced to sell their homes to pay for care.

But this is deeply misleading. It’s not really a ‘cap’, as the contribution to costs has no upper limit, so someone with a house in an expensive area will easily pay hundreds of thousands of pounds before reaching the last £100,000 of the value of their estate. Just a single day per week of home-based care costs – at the moment –…

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#ToryManifesto: “you’ll only see online news we want you to see” #GE17 #censorship


As today’s Independent points out, the Tories have slipped plans into their manifesto to extend their ‘Snoopers’ charter’ to include control over what news the British public is allowed to see online.

big sister.pngThe manifesto item – tellingly one of the most firmly-phrased in the document – states that the Tories will:

take steps to protect the reliability and objectivity of information that is essential to our democracy

Considering that the Tories – panicked by the popularity of Labour’s fully-costed manifesto – have been a significant source of fake news on more than one occasion this week – there is no shortage of either irony or arrogance in this plan.

It’s very clear to those who keep an eye on such things that ‘fake news’ is very often a label of convenience used by the Establishment and its supporters against any source of news that is inconvenient rather than inaccurate, so for the Tories…

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Vote Labour to uphold the rights of disabled people – our letter to the Guardian

Politics and Insights

Image result for Human rights are universal

The following letter was published in the Guardian today, written and signed by a group of academics, professionals, campaigners and grassroots activists who work together cooperatively.

We collaborate to fulfil our mutual aims of achieving a progressive, civilised, just and safe society for all. We hope to do this by ensuring that the society we are a part of is democratic and fully inclusive: we want a civilised society that observes and meets its human rights obligations on behalf of all social groups. This isn’t happening currently. (See: UN’s highly critical report confirms UK government has systematically violated the human rights of disabled people).

As an independent researcher, writer, campaigner, and as a disabled person, I am very proud to be included among them. 


Many disabled people see Labour’s policies as a lifeline, say the 30 signatories to this letter. 

For chronically ill and disabled people, recent years have been…

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Exclusive: NPC on #ToryManifesto. Your Tory-voting OAP friend/relative MUST read


tory frankenstein.pngTory manifesto on social care – a Frankenstein’s monster of bolted-together bad policies

As Jeremy Corbyn’s informal social media feed revealed today, Britain’s biggest pensioners’ organisation, the NPC (National Pensioners Convention) has called the Tory manifesto (or ‘my manifesto’, as Theresa May kept calling it) a “Frankenstein’s monster” of bolted-together bad policies that will damage pensioners and place an unfair burden on their families:

The NPC’s General Secretary was damning in her assessment:

The Conservative’s manifesto pledge on social care offers the worst of all possible worlds for millions of older people and their families.

You can read her full press statement here.

However, the SKWAWKBOX wanted to dig into the details of the matter for its readers and spoke at…

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The government has failed to protect the human rights of children

Politics and Insights

Related image

The UK has plummeted from 11th position to 156th in global ranking for meeting its children’s rights obligations in the space of just a year. The UK now ranks among the bottom 10 global performers in the arena of improving the human rights of the child, after it achieved the lowest possible score across all six available indicators in the domain of Child Rights Environment (CRE), according to the KidsRights Index 2017.

The Index gathers data from Unicef and the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) to identify global trends in the arena of children’s rights protection. It comprises a ranking for all UN member states that have ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, a total of 165 countries. 

The report says that a nation’s prosperity does not always guarantee children’s rights. Interestingly, economically better performing countries are not necessarily doing a better job…

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Disabled mum takes fatal overdose after she was refused PIP

Politics and Insights

Susan Roberts was found dead because of a morphine overdose (Photo: Philip Coburn)

A disabled mum, Susan Roberts, was found dead at home following an overdose of morphine. Susan died just metres away from a heartbreaking 11-page letter she had written to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), detailing her suffering following being told she wasn’t eligible for Personal Independence Payment (PIP). 

Susan, a grandmother of eight, had survived four heart attacks. She died £4,000 in debt, after taking a fatal overdose within hours of being informed that her claim for PIP was unsuccessful. She had previously claimed Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and had been given an indefinite award, as her medical conditions were considered highly unlikely to get better.

The letter from the Department for Work and Pensions(Photo: Philip Coburn)

Susan was asked to apply for PIP by the DWP following the proposed closure of her DLA…

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