Vid: GQ ed said these staffers thought Corbyn ‘turns water into wine’. Seem so to you?

seems to be normal that BBC never challenges assertions of Tory supporters!


As the SKWAWKBOX covered earlier today, GQ editor Dylan Jones was allowed several minutes of prime radio time to disparage Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on Radio 4’s Today programme this morning.

Radio 4 failed to mention to listeners that Jones has close links to the Tory party and paid David Cameron almost £20,000 to be able to write the former Conservative PM’s biography.

Nor did the interviewer challenge or probe his assertions in any meaningful way. BBC ‘impartiality’.

It was the BBC’s third Corbyn-related ‘mistake’ in ten days.

Jones also claimed in the interview that he had sent a staff member to interview Corbyn who was one of several younger staffers of a similar mindset. But GQ has published a ‘behind the scenes’ video of its preparation for the interview – and there’s no sign of any ardent Corbyn fans involved in the process.

For example, the ‘Features Editor’:


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Tories allowing wealthy landowners, developers to kill robins, eagles, starlings, bats and hen harriers

Pride's Purge

Since coming to power, the Tories have been granting permission for wealthy landowners and developers – many of whom are Tory Party donors – to kill native British wildlife – including robins, starlings, bats, badgers (of course), beautiful hen harriers and other rare species.

This war on our native British wildlife by the Tories has been happening under the radar – a gradual ratcheting up of a low intensity conflict against wildlife which includes granting obscure licences to developers to cull rare species or simply turning a blind eye to the illegal slaughter of birds of prey by grouse shooting landowners.

The latest moves are much bolder – the possible granting of licences for grouse shooting estates to kill rare birds of prey because their wealthy owners are worried they may be ‘interfering’ with their blood ‘sport’.

Eagles have been targeted.

Robins and starlings have been targeted.

Bats have…

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Video goes viral as #AngryCorbyn flays ‘uncaring, uncouth’ Tories #Budget17

It takes a lot to make Corbyn angry, I’m so envious of his calm demeanour. I seem to have spent my life feeling angry and disgusted by Tories (and some right wing Labourites!).


Jeremy Corbyn is not a man known for losing his temper, so when it happens, it makes an impact – and a video of the Labour leader flaying the ‘uncaring, uncouth’ Tories during his response to the Tories’ weak and misdirected Budget is going viral on social media after it was tweeted by the @EL4JC Twitter account:

Original video by @EL4C. Subtitled version by the SKWAWKBOX

The Tories’ utter callousness toward our most vulnerable people – encapsulated in Hammond’s decision to only reduce the Universal Credit ‘waiting period’ from six to five weeks, instead of the four weeks promised – is reason enough for Corbyn’s fury.

But Labour front-bencher Richard Burgon gave extra information on the Tories’ boorish behaviour and attempts to prevent the Labour leader from even giving his response in defence of the vulnerable that makes Corbyn’s outrage even more fitting:

burgon budget.pngHammond’s budget is already unravelling, with even…

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Video: BBC News breaching impartiality with excuses for Hammond #Budget2017


BBC News appears to be getting excuses in early on behalf of hapless, heartless Chancellor Phillip Hammond, by breaching impartiality and indulging in ‘expectation management’ on behalf of the government.

This morning, Assistant Political Editor Norman Smith gave a round-up of Hammond’s budget circumstances. The political summary – that many senior Tories would be happy for Hammond to fail – was reasonably uncontentious. However, in his financial summary Smith simply treated the Tories’ political narrative as fact:

“There is no money’. ‘Fact’, supposedly. But this ignores not only monetary theory but recent historical precedent – on more than one occasion over the last ten years or so, the government has simply created money out of thin air via ‘quantitative easing’.

There can be debate about whether it’s wise at a given moment to create money – but to say there is none is simply false, so a flat statement

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Rentoul tries to justify #Hammond ‘no unemployed’ – makes it worse


This morning, Philip Hammond caused outrage by telling Andrew Marr (video) that ‘there are no unemployed people’ – when there are 1.4 million in the UK, alongside those termed ‘economically inactive’ and not counted among them.

Blairite ‘journalist’ John Rentoul quickly leaped to the hapless and heartless Tory chancellor’s defence on social media, trying to justify and explain away the callous and fallacious remark:

rentoul hammond.pngApparently, because Hammond was talking about shorthand typists, that makes it ok – because he somehow magically knows that none of the 1.4 million unemployed people would have a job as a shorthand typist if they still existed these days.

In fact, the context makes Hammond’s nonsense even worse, because it betrays the innate Tory dishonesty and incompetence on the economy and jobs – and dismisses the plight of an enormous number of our people.

The UK has seen a massive increase in…

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Egg on politician/MSM faces in Fawkes-based attack on Emma D-C


edcLabour MP Emma Dent-Coad

Coincidence is a curious thing. Today, Kensington Labour MP Emma Dent-Coad launched a new report on inequality in her area.

At the same time, Kensington, Chelsea and Fulham Conservatives (KCFC) have rightly been the target of scorn and contempt for sending a questionnaire to residents asking whether they thought the Grenfell Tower tragedy was still important.

And on the very same day, the Establishment ‘happens’ to ‘discover’ a supposed racism ‘scandal’ about the Ms Dent-Coad.

KCFC sent a form to locals, in which their Grenfell question – alongside issues such as bin collections and recycling – displayed a callousness that shocked even veteran Tory-watchers who thought nothing could surprise them:

kcc letter.jpgHandily for the Tories, the right-wing Fawkes blog came up with a seven-year-oldarticle by then-councillor Emma Dent-Coad and blared about a ‘vicious 2010 blog post that really is dripping venom and hate‘ toward…

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New Establishment attack on the SKWAWKBOX


media.pngThe SKWAWKBOX is regulated by IMPRESS, the UK’s only independent, Leveson-compliant press regulator. The Establishment media tried – and failed humiliatingly – to shut down IMPRESS via the courts, leaving IPSO – which the media transparency organisation Hacked Offcalledthe illusion of reform‘ – as the only regulator standing.

The large, mainly billionaire-owned press publications subscribe to IPSO, the intriguingly-named ‘Independent Press Standards Organisation’ – essentially self-regulation: until recently, the chair of IPSO was Paul Dacre, the editor of the Daily Mail.

Some months ago, the SKWAWKBOX lodged a complaint against the Daily Mail and the S*n about their ‘fake news’ allegations against this blog. The most surprising thing about IPSO’s decision to reject the complaint and support the two newspapers was the inordinate amount of time it took the organisation to reach it.

The decisions have just been published on the IPSO website –…

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