ICO says no Virgin #traingate #DPA breach. Video still exonerates Corbyn


According to the Press Association just now, the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) has ruled – surprisingly – that Virgin Trains did not break the DPA (Data Protection Act) when it released footage of Jeremy Corbyn on one of its trains in an attempt to portray Corbyn as walking past empty seats when he had appeared on a short video saying it was ‘rammed’:

pa virgin.pngOf course, the ICO has no remit to rule on the fact that Virgin broke its own company privacy policy by releasing the video.

No doubt the Tories and their media allies will use this as another opportunity to run the ‘traingate’ footage in an attempt to make Corbyn appear dishonest.

It will be as false now as it was then – as analysis of the available footage by the SKWAWKBOX showed at the time. Here are the details of that analysis, originally published 24 Aug 2016…

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Video: Chief EU #Brexit negotiator – STILL waiting for UK position. On ANYTHING


Remember when Theresa May claimed the UK obviously wanted her and the Tories at the Brexit negotiating table – you know, being strong and stable and all that?

That went out of the window with the election result, then down the toilet when she was reduced this week to begging Jeremy Corbyn to give her some ideas – which he slapped down by telling her, as the SKWAWKBOX exclusively revealed before it happened, that she could have a copy of Labour’s manifesto. He even signed it for her:

corbyn manif signed.pngThe absolute absence in the Tory government of anything even resembling an idea, let alone any competence, was laid bare today by a statement by the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier – in which he told listeners that he was still waiting – three and a half months after Theresa May triggered Article 50 – to hear what the UK’s…

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‘Don’t burn tyres, spray cans’. Pics of Catholics, statues of Mary? That’s ‘culture’

This gallery contains 7 photos.

Originally posted on The SKWAWKBOX:
As Wednesday’s Battle of the Boyne anniversary approaches, the frequency of marches by Loyalist groups is increasing in Northern Ireland and further afield. In some areas of Belfast there were fourteen marches in just three…

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Excl: Corbyn’s response to May’s ‘save me’ plea: we’ll send her our manifesto

Anything that would help Tessie May and her ilk is inevitably against the interest of the Many. The Few have had it their way far too long!


As the SKWAWKBOX noted on Sunday, Theresa May made a mockery of her ‘ad nauseam’ line about which leader the British public would prefer at the Brexit negotiating table – by begging Jeremy Corbyn for his help:

may begsClearly she knows which side of the Dispatch Box the real ‘strong and stable’ sits.

But surely Corbyn won’t reach out a hand to save her from drowning in a cesspit of her own making – and one which from which she has shown little real intention of learning any humility?

Too right.

A spokesperson from the opposition leader’s office told the SKWAWKBOX:

If she needs help, we’ll be happy to send her Labour’s General Election manifesto. It contains some great stuff on how a real government, with the genuine best interests of the country and its people at heart, will negotiate Brexit.

As many of her colleagues already seem to want to use…

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just ANOTHER Day – a REAL Pain

Why don’t they come and release the clamps … why don’t they come and RELEASE THE CLAMPS? Stupid thing is there aren’t any clamps and, even if there were, there’s no-one around to free me from them. I’m just slowly recovering from one of those all too familiar attacks where throbbing aches and pains in upper arms, wrists, elbows, knees and ankles arrive in an apparently choreographed simultaneity.


It’s not that I’d been doing too much either; I arose from my un-refreshing sleep at around 10.15am, had a small breakfast and browsed a newspaper (online) for about fifteen minutes and then just sat, stroked the dog and made a little fuss of him, before venturing out into the big wide-world. At around 1.15pm I was chauffeured into town, by ma belle Helen, to browse and purchase one or two DVDs for my birthday, utilizing a voucher received (on my birthday) a few weeks ago.


The purchasing venture proved successful and, we were back at home within an hour from stepping out. Judging by the greeting received from Piper, our delightful canine boy, you’d have thought we had been away for days; frantic tail wags, barks of delight and excited bodily contortions were all part of his display menu.


Shortly after our return home I prepared dinner for Helen and myself, one of my own recipes, a Kedgeree cum Byriani. The meal proved most satisfactory, after which I relaxed a while, listening to Bruckner’s 7th Symphony (compliments of Radio 3). After this relaxation interlude, I began to feel uncomfortably exhausted and, hints of the painful bodily niggles were already apparent. I went to recline on the larger sofa, with the intention of watching a DVD but, by now, the niggles were intensifying and a dose of tramadol was in order.


Next thing, I was having to curl up, arms stretched between my legs, legs randomly (and arbitrarily) thrown over the back of the sofa and, of necessity my upper arms clamped tightly to my torso. By this time, the discomfort in my toes, feeling as if my socks were applying an excruciating pressure to the knuckles of these digits, had also kicked in. I think I managed to view the first twenty minutes of the DVD before having to clamp my face tightly against the sofa back.


Elements of these nausea inducing, expletive demanding, symptoms are almost a daily occurrence at present although, I must admit, were of a slightly more disconcerting intensity this afternoon. Spending more than a quite limited time using a laptop, or holding a newspaper or book, regularly induces a squirm inducing discomfort in armpits, elbow and wrists but, although I enjoy playing and wrestling with words, I find it virtually impossible to describe the nature of these swift onset aches pains and nauseating discomforts. These invisible disabilities / infirmities are a real pain in the … (fundament?)!

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CAC/NCC nominations latest – a week to get yours in and why it matters


The deadline for CLPs to nominate their preferred candidates for Conference Arrangement Committee (CAC) and National Constitutional Committee places closes Friday 7 July. If your party has not yet nominated, ask your CLP executive for an emergency meeting to do so.

lab conf signThese boring-sounding committees play an absolutely central role in the running of the Labour Party – and it’s essential to have left-leaning candidates who are solidly behind the vision and direction of the party under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership in those positions to prevent hindrance by right-wingers.

The left has not won these positions in over a decade and it’s time for that to change.

The Conference Arrangements Committee (CAC) has a crucial role in influencing the running of conference, deciding what is discussed and how. Given the events at last year’s conference and how the right rigged events to put additional, unelected anti-Corbyn members onto Labour’s NEC, the important…

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Iain Duncan Smith: “I was a Cruel and Heartless Bastard as Work and Pensions Minister.”

Ipswich Unemployed Action.

Iain Duncan Smith 

Iain Duncan Smith: Covering Himself Against Regime Collapse.

This caught my eye, and doubtless plenty of others, this morning when I bought my copy of the claimants’ favourite daily, The ‘I’.

After a recent  flop as a Radio 2 Presenter Iain Duncan Smith is flaying around looking for a new role and purpose in life.

Iain Duncan Smith says work capability assessments don’t work and are ‘too harsh’

Former minister for Work and Pensions Iain Duncan Smith has admitted that work capability assessments given to sick people are “too harsh” and offer a “cliff edge” choice between work and no work.

He added that this “cliff edge” view of work and illness adds stress to the process and encourages people to misrepresent their conditions to assessors.

Speaking at an event held by the Spectator magazine and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation on The Conservative Route to Fighting Poverty…

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