Austin tries Mann-style attack on Williamson. Fails


austin‘Pathetic and thuggish’ MP Ian Austin

Right-wing Labour MP Ian Austin is already infamous among the Corbyn-supporting majority of Labour members for heckling his own leader in the Commons chamber last year, helping the Tories when they were reeling and in chaos over Brexit, as Corbyn made his statement after the publication of the Chilcot Report.

He was widely criticised for his ‘pathetic and thuggish’ behaviour:

austin thug tweetIt seems Mr Austin has not much changed his ways.

The SKWAWKBOX received reports of a confrontation between Austin and Labour front-bencher Chris Williamson at Westminster’s Portcullis House on Monday night, in which the former behaved in a way described as childish and immature, before launching into an attempted attack on Williamson for alleged antisemitic comments that he was then apparently unable to substantiate when challenged.

When contacted for comment, Williamson told the SKWAWKBOX:

I was coming back to PCH (Portcullis House) from…

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BBC silence on #ToryElectionFraud2 kills even pretence of impartiality


If you get your news from the BBC, you may well have no idea that the Tories are now being investigated for serious, multi-faceted election fraud in the recent General Election affecting no fewer than ten seats the Tories won in June.

Channel 4, whose excellent undercover investigation dug out the story, broke the news on Friday:

Even Sky News covered it:

Labour politicians are fully aware of developments and their significance – and are spreading the word:

db efraud.pngThe SKWAWKBOX has covered it – and provided exclusive evidence in the form of texts demonstrating the Tories’ and their contractor’s…

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Fin Times writer tries to troll SKWAWKBOX. Backfires hilariously


This morning, the excellent Labour MP Laura Pidcock tweeted about the fantastic interview she gave to the SKWAWKBOX a couple of weeks ago. Happy days.

Sebastian Payne, political leader writer for the Financial Times decided this was a good opportunity to troll this blog and the estimable Ms P:

payne.jpgIt’s ‘whither’, as in ‘where to’, rather than ‘wither’ (shrivel), but let’s be generous and assume he was exceeding his 140-character Tweet limit and didn’t want to leave out his comma.

‘Conspiracist’, like ‘fake news’, is a lazy accusation often thrown by right-winger at sites they find inconvenient. But Mr Payne would have been better advised staying tucked up with his thesaurus, as the law of unintended consequences was about to kick in as Twitter users decide to troll back in what rapidly became a long of slap-downs, some artful and some brutal. Here are just a few of the best:

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Most dangerous rule-change in years is in line for Conference 2017 vote


conf17Every year at Labour’s annual Conference, a number of rule-changes or ‘constitutional amendments’ are debated by delegates and, if approved, become part of the party’s rule-book.

Last year’s Conference in Liverpool, ironically, saw Labour’s bureaucracy break, bend and ignore its own rules to force through an anti-democratic amendment that put two additional, unelected and anti-Corbyn members onto the party’s ruling NEC (National Executive Committee) to try to thwart the will of the hugely pro-Corbyn membership.

But this year in Brighton looks set to see something far worse and even more dangerous, in an apparent attempt by the party’s relic right to position for future advantage.

The list of constitutional changes up for adoption in 2017 are detailed in a party PDF document that contains several innocuous or even welcome rule-changes. But in one section a number of proposed rule-changes on ‘hate incidents’ are grouped together – and contain one…

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Twitter fails to prevent ‘fake news’ impersonation accounts of Assange and WikiLeaks


A lot of time is being expended in the creation of several Julian Assange impostor accounts on Twitter. These accounts equate to black propaganda. They are aimed squarely at Assange, as well as unwitting Twitter followers.

The problem appears to be that once one fake account is closed, another is opened under a new handle, but with the same Twitter I.D. account number..

Impostor Account Examples 1:

WikiLeaks @ JullianAsange – changed handle to @ _AssangeJulian

Twitter Timelines archived here: and

The second handle has been suspended. The first has been re-used under a new account created on the 28th of June (to reserve the name, so no-one else uses it) (using Austrian footballer’s Julian Erhart photo as an Avatar) ID 880100132380786689

Impostor Account Examples 2 (13/08/17 Update):

Julian Assange @Real_Assange changed to  Julian Assange @JulianAssunge and then to @JulianAssanged adding a diamond symbol for verification, then…

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Tories: teach children NOT to share toys to “inoculate” them against socialism

I really would like to believe this is satire but, when it comes to Tories, their God alone knows!

Pride's Purge

Remarkable, but true.

The Tories latest anguished attempt to find a way to halt their long-term collapse in support as their elderly fan base dies away is to tell parents to teach their children not to share things with other children:

How to inoculate your children against socialism

The bizarre article on the influential grassroots Conservative Home website also advises parents not to take away what it refers to as a child’s “private property” (toys to you and me) – even as a punishment:

The author of these tinfoil hat suggestions – JP Floru – is a Tory councillor in posh Westminster. He also works for the Adam Smith Institute and writes for the Tory-front organisation the Taxpayers Alliance.

Oh, and he only likes to watch films that have rich people in them.

Floru – a Brexit supporting EU immigrant – also seems to believe the fact…

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Of Conversation And Being Wallopped

Another shattered day, or should that be another day of shattered tiredness; perhaps a tired shattered-ness will suffice. Drained, wrung-out, exhausted; none of these quite hit the mark, although I feel quite walloped out by all of them.

Just working out the cost of spending time arguing, discussing, with an old acquaintance! Today is the 13th August and, the incident to which I refer occurred somewhere in the hours between 11.00 on 1st August and 15.50 the following day.

It was something of a shock to discover how Neanderthal the political thinking / imagining of my old friend had become, since he fell under the spell of the Daily Fail. Once he had a mind but, now, I began to wonder if that was a false memory. Only when the conversation turned to matters philosophical, theological, and even metaphysical, did the verbal exchanges become rewarding.

Once upon a time my mind and spirit revelled in such conversations, with friends and acquaintances, not infrequently running through from late evening to dawn. In those days, the conversation could be accompanied by a bottle or three of vino, and a few mugs of tea to prevent dehydration. Nowadays, a mere few hours of chatter and discussion, even in the absence of alcoholic refreshment, seems to overwhelm my physical and emotional resources. Two days after our late evening chat a painful exhaustion, from which I’m still recuperating, hit me.

For a couple of weeks before the visitor arrived, I’d been having to resort to wrist, palm, and elbow supports, attempting to alleviate the nauseating discomfort, which frequently seems to emanate from the armpit lymph nodes. At its most discomforting phase, as I curl up, clasping my upper arms tightly to my torso, foul expletives emanate from my vocal organs as if seeking a magical miracle of healing, before the flow of tears erupts. So, perhaps, extended conversation is not the sole cause of my current exhaustion.

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