New Establishment attack on the SKWAWKBOX


media.pngThe SKWAWKBOX is regulated by IMPRESS, the UK’s only independent, Leveson-compliant press regulator. The Establishment media tried – and failed humiliatingly – to shut down IMPRESS via the courts, leaving IPSO – which the media transparency organisation Hacked Offcalledthe illusion of reform‘ – as the only regulator standing.

The large, mainly billionaire-owned press publications subscribe to IPSO, the intriguingly-named ‘Independent Press Standards Organisation’ – essentially self-regulation: until recently, the chair of IPSO was Paul Dacre, the editor of the Daily Mail.

Some months ago, the SKWAWKBOX lodged a complaint against the Daily Mail and the S*n about their ‘fake news’ allegations against this blog. The most surprising thing about IPSO’s decision to reject the complaint and support the two newspapers was the inordinate amount of time it took the organisation to reach it.

The decisions have just been published on the IPSO website –…

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