Twitter fails to prevent ‘fake news’ impersonation accounts of Assange and WikiLeaks


A lot of time is being expended in the creation of several Julian Assange impostor accounts on Twitter. These accounts equate to black propaganda. They are aimed squarely at Assange, as well as unwitting Twitter followers.

The problem appears to be that once one fake account is closed, another is opened under a new handle, but with the same Twitter I.D. account number..

Impostor Account Examples 1:

WikiLeaks @ JullianAsange – changed handle to @ _AssangeJulian

Twitter Timelines archived here: and

The second handle has been suspended. The first has been re-used under a new account created on the 28th of June (to reserve the name, so no-one else uses it) (using Austrian footballer’s Julian Erhart photo as an Avatar) ID 880100132380786689

Impostor Account Examples 2 (13/08/17 Update):

Julian Assange @Real_Assange changed to  Julian Assange @JulianAssunge and then to @JulianAssanged adding a diamond symbol for verification, then…

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