We told you so – new evidence confirms NEC power-grab rule package illegal


Even before events began to unfold at Labour’s annual Conference last month, the SKWAWKBOX warned that the right-wing Labour ‘machine’ was attempting a ‘silent coup’ – exploiting some rules and ignoring others to ram through a rule change intended to cancel leader Jeremy Corbyn’s democratically-achieved majority on the ruling National Executive Committee (NEC) against vehement opposition from those who understood what they were trying to do. Including this writer.

pgSubsequently, this blog also carried an exclusive interview with an NEC member, who confirmed that the party’s rules and procedures were trampled in the plotters’ unseemly eagerness to achieve their goal.

Now, new evidence has emerged that confirms not only the desperate lengths to which the plotters were prepared to go in order to nullify a huge democratic landslide, but that they acted in an unprecedentedly illegal manner.

A new Left Futures article reveals that it wasn’t only at the Conference that…

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