‘Scum’ attacks Corbyn and Mason. Wonder why…


Here on Merseyside, we don’t read the Sun – or the Scum, as it’s universally referred to. We read newspapers. We wouldn’t use the Sun to wipe our behinds (although most Scousers would use a pithier term).

mason4 A sign outside a shop a short walk from this writer’s house

So it comes as a surprise that a Scum reporter was skulking around Liverpool last month at the highly-praised ‘TWT16’ alternative conference that took place alongside Labour’s official conference – even incognito. If they’d been caught, they’d be lucky to escape the city minus tar and feathers.

What does not come as a surprise is that s/he was skulking around spying on private conversations. One of which involved the excellent journalist and campaigner Paul Mason.

Late last night, the Scum launched its ‘exclusive’, claiming that Mason – who quit a lucrative position at a mainstream news station in order to be able to…

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