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Gratitude for the NHS

Saturday and Sunday I still felt somewhat shocked and shaken, by the fall I had on Friday evening, as full sensation and feeling hadn’t yet returned to my right foot and ankle. As I stood up it still felt as … Continue reading

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on the mend and back again

Well, I’ve got to admit that my recovery after the arthroscopy was much quicker than I’d anticipated and, within three weeks I was back to being able to walk the dog on pavement, footpath and fields almost as before the … Continue reading

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repost from Sinna Luvva – once more to the land of A&E

This has been reposted from my ‘Word of Sinna Luvva’ weblog *************** Yesterday morning I was feeling a little more shattered than is my norm but, I managed to remove myself from the duvet lair by 11.30. A brief bout … Continue reading

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An Unexpected Turn

Sometimes events take a turn far removed from the familiar; today was such a case. This morning I managed to get myself down to ‘Open Church’, for the first time since my pre-Christmas collapse there. Wrapped up in a warm … Continue reading

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Here’s To The New One

Truth be told, I’ve had better years but, thanks to the love of ma belle I can still end the year loving life. On the health front things have been a bit hairy to say the least and, politically, the … Continue reading

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heigh-ho heigh-ho to A & E we go (again)

The crog-like froaking has been paying more frequent, intermittenly persistent, visits to yours truly. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the greatest of my worries today. Following a restless night (remaining muscle and gut achingly wide awake from shortly after 3.00am) I lacked … Continue reading


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