Vid: GQ ed said these staffers thought Corbyn ‘turns water into wine’. Seem so to you?

seems to be normal that BBC never challenges assertions of Tory supporters!


As the SKWAWKBOX covered earlier today, GQ editor Dylan Jones was allowed several minutes of prime radio time to disparage Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on Radio 4’s Today programme this morning.

Radio 4 failed to mention to listeners that Jones has close links to the Tory party and paid David Cameron almost £20,000 to be able to write the former Conservative PM’s biography.

Nor did the interviewer challenge or probe his assertions in any meaningful way. BBC ‘impartiality’.

It was the BBC’s third Corbyn-related ‘mistake’ in ten days.

Jones also claimed in the interview that he had sent a staff member to interview Corbyn who was one of several younger staffers of a similar mindset. But GQ has published a ‘behind the scenes’ video of its preparation for the interview – and there’s no sign of any ardent Corbyn fans involved in the process.

For example, the ‘Features Editor’:


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