Life with Piper

Just wanted to share this post from my beloved’s blog!


I have been much busier each morning with our rescue dog, Piper.  He has revolutionised our lives.  He is very loving and at times mischievous.  After a nasty virus I had caused me to cough at night, Piper no longer wanted to sleep downstairs as he felt the need to keep watch over me.  He usually starts the night sleeping in the chair but later in the night he joins us on the bed, sometimes even under the covers, becoming a real hot water bottle until he gets too hot!  Most mornings I am first up and go down to feed the dog, get a drink of hot lemon juice and a fruit, before going for a shower.  I then usually take the dog out for his morning walk.  If I have time I take him for a longer walk, where I used to let him off for runs, but…

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