For These Small Mercies

Today’s post is unusual in that I began to write it as a normal, diary-type, blog post in which, after writing the first sentence, I recognized its potential as a poem! For that reason, it will also appear on my poetry blog Archive Mined and Freshly Spun.


For These Small Mercies (we proffer thanks)


Today, so far at least,
is one of gentle shattered-ness;
welcome relief

from yesterday’s griping
pain and aches.
An ever present undertow,

of generalized discomfort,

still leaves the space
for a richly varied range
of sensory attacks.

Will it be muscles,
joints, gastritis, or other
less easily defined

components of
the neurological kind.
Today at least

I have enjoyed a time
of gentle relaxation,
an ease of body

and a calmer mind.


Malcolm Evison
20 July 2017




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