#Grenfell video: “move north or be ‘intentionally homeless’, lose all support


The scandal of the treatment of the survivors of the Grenfell Tower catastrophe goes from shameful to vile.

As one of the survivors testifies in the video below, survivors are already being shipped out as far north as Preston in Lancashire – with some reports of people being offered as far north as Northumberland.

But these are not ‘offers’ in any meaningful sense of the word, because survivors are being told that if they fail to accept an offer they will be declared intentionally homeless.

And if you make yourself intentionally homeless, you do not qualify for any support or assistance:

Others have already been offered accommodation in a ‘carbon copy’ of the building that haunts their nightmares or told that if they accept…

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1 Response to #Grenfell video: “move north or be ‘intentionally homeless’, lose all support

  1. jay says:

    Can this be true? If so it’s surely one of the most blatant examples of double speak from Govt ministers we’ve had so far. They promised rehousing in the area – did they mean the area of England?

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