Labour 1st’s sectarian email shows VITAL to elect your Left conf delegates

Obviously these sectarians are blind to the signs of our times … it was Corbyn who attracted the votes (whilst they dreamt of a calamitous defeat )… the struggle continues. They must never be allowed to tear out Labour’s heart after its recent rediscovery!


Labour First’s email to its mailing list shows clearly that while Labour’s leadership focuses on the task of toppling a Tory government that can only prop itself up using the DUP as a crutch, Labour members must continue to organise to ensure that the Labour Party that confounded media and ‘moderate’ negativity last week continues into the future.

labconf17.pngLabour First, once famously described as ‘like Britain First but tougher on immigrants‘, sent the following email to its mailing list subscribers, rallying them for their attempt to control this year’s Labour conference in Brighton

As a network for Labour moderates, we hope that the spirit of unity and teamwork that characterised the election campaign will be carried forward by members from all wings of the party, and that the leadership will reach out and use the talents of all our MPs. Ensuring the pluralism of the party is respected…

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