Video: MI5, MPs, Blair agree with Corbyn on security. Tories claim we’re all safe #GE17


As the Establishment media machine goes into overdrive today to try to rescue Theresa May from the roosting chickens of her cuts to police numbers and resources – and the arrogance that accompanied them – it’s becoming clear that the massive weight of evidence is against any attempt to spin May’s behaviour and decisions into acceptability.

There is a concerted attempt to portray Jeremy Corbyn’s speech this morning as opportunist or insensitive, as if May should have a free pass after she was warned by Corbyn, police and security experts months ago that her police cuts risked exactly the kind of tragedy we saw in Manchester on Monday night.

But MPs and even the notoriously self-justifying former PM Tony Blair have come to exactly the conclusion that Britain’s foreign policy and actions led to the rise of ISIS and other terror groups – making Corbyn’s statement today that securing this…

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