No, .@bbcnews, Corbyn’s speech just shows he’s a leader #GE17 #Manchester


So, BBC News and radio appear to be working like ants when their nest is disturbed to talk down Labour’s poll surge and Jeremy Corbyn’s speech this morning, which will highlight the impact on our safety of Theresa May’s constant cuts to police and emergency services.

corbyn hullBBC News had a whole panel of pundits this morning and every single one was keen to write off the significance of Labour’s huge polling improvements since the General Election campaign started – and they, along with the channel’s political reporters, painted Corbyn’s speech as risky. Of course, they might not recognise what it actually is, as it’s been in short supply in UK politics for a long time.

It’s called leadership.

BBC radio presenters were taking a similar line – but inconvenient callers kept saying May’s police cuts were driving them from a lifelong habit of voting Tory into the arms of…

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