Incredible #Labourmanifesto: don’t be told what to think, see for yourself #GE17


Seems the mainstream media are already bending over backwards to pour cold water on Labour’s official policy launch. Last week’s leaked draft generated so much interest and excitement – and a huge groundswell – and was so bold and transformative that it was inevitable that the Establishment would react against it and misportray the official document today.

The launch has created far more interest than would normally be the case for a manifesto launch, with crowds too great to fit into the venue so that many had to look in from outside:

It even went up several floors to the roof:

bradford crowd 2.jpgAnd some were even ready for the typical anti-Labour spin from certain reporters:

lk fake.jpgThe media have, predictably, been attacking Labour’s costing of their commitments, even though the Tories have offered only hot air and wishful thinking for the few comprehensible policies they’ve offered. But everything is covered:

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