Coyle’s investigation by Labour goes far beyond one bullying email

Always thought of Progrees as a right-wing entryist group in the Labour Party – just imagine the PLPs reaction if a socialist was so dismissive of a career politician in the way Coyle & cronies attack a principled leader!


coyle face‘Labour’ MP Neil Coyle

A very short while ago, Progress MP Neil Coyle appeared on Sky News to defend himself over his reporting by Jeremy Corbyn’s office – not by Corbyn himself – to the Labour Whips. He also appeared in yesterday’s Sun on Sunday with what appears to be a pre-emptive attack on Labour front-benchers over a supposed lack of parliamentary questions – and today in another right-wing rag, the Daily Mail, claiming he won’t be ‘intimidated’:

coyle mail.png

Mr Coyle should be better able to recognise ‘intimidation’. He has a track record for publicly attacking Labour staff and colleagues, for example his weight jibe on Twitter against Shadow Cabinet member Richard Burgon – and that Sun article, claiming Labour front-benchers are not doing their job properly:

coyle sun.pngThis is not an isolated incident. Coyle’s behaviour on Twitter recently has deteriorated and he has been running to the Sun with increasing frequency:

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