The Affirmation …. Life “As If ….”


A time when one feels extraordinarily aware of one’s own mortality may seem to be an inopportune one for starting to re-assemble one’s faith convictions; alternatively what better time?

Having always been aware of the interpretative skills of the various NT authors, only recently has it become more of an imperative for me to sort out the wheat from the chaff! The last thing I want is to fall back on “my own experience” as the sole basis for faith, nor do I wish to make  Faith into a God. The big question is, do I make Jesus of Nazareth (proclaimed the Christ by his followers) into a God?

I have long held that accepting Jesus simply as an examplar of a certain lifestyle somehow falls short of the mark, ….. why follow a dead man etc.! Of course, I believe in the resurrection; something happened to a  group of…

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