McDonnell flags Tory £20 BN tax-giveaway. Press blacks it out.


Jeremy Corbyn and his team are often attacked for a supposed ‘failure’ to communicate. It’s one of the chief lines of attack by right-wing Labour figures, along with the pundits and media that support them.

But is it really a failure – or a blackout?

Yesterday morning, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell issued a press release outlined enormous tax-cuts for the wealthy that came into force on Saturday. Here’s what it says:

mcdonnell press releaseIf it looks unfamiliar, there’s a reason for that.

£20 billion in tax cuts by 2022. Two billion pounds just next year to major corporations. All while cutting benefits massively to working people struggling to make ends meet – the so-called ‘JAMS’ (just about managing) that Theresa May talked about when she moved into Downing Street – and promptly forgot.

The tax paid by huge corporations is of massive public interest. The money in our pockets is of huge…

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