A Susceptibility To Faith


As “times winged chariot” inevitably draws nearer, a bit of stocktaking seems to become more essential. As I search through files etc., it’s always a pleasure to stumble upon earlier scribblings. The lines hastily penned  for a forum frequently seem to have more life than a more literary crafted piece.

Forgive the waffling “dear reader”, it’s just a rambling way of saying that the following entry was originally scribed for another outlet but, it seems an appropriate time to give it’s (slightly) modified version an airing!

After undergoing an evangelical conversion experience at the age of 19, there followed a spell of fervent evangelizing (perhaps alienating rather than helping the victims of my outreach!).On experiencing the more conservative social values of my evangelical peers, I was forced, by the more “mature” Christians, to make a choice between Christ and Social-activism.

At this point I tried hard to reject my Christian…

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