Labour ‘reeling from Copeland’? No, Labour winning in THE CITY OF LONDON


PoliticsHome and the Huffington Post have run this morning with stories of a Corbyn ‘staffing crisis’ with a supposed ‘exodus’ – three people, two of whom are leaving for health reasons (no speech marks on that, thank you).

Neither contains a single word from any of the staff who are leaving, as no doubt their comments wouldn’t fit the narrative.

The articles are little more than an attempt to manufacture the perception of Labour falling apart or, as the Huffington Post puts it,

still reeling from its defeat to the Conservatives in the Copeland by-election

Lazy, contemptible ‘journalism’.

Meanwhile, in actual news worthy of the name but which seems glaringly absent from the mainstream, Labour was busy last night – not ‘reeling’, but winning.

In the City of London, no less.

Five seats on the authority’s two-chamber council.

Let’s put this into context: Labour don’t win in the…

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