Figures show Corbyn got it exactly right on Brexit. No, ‘exactly right ≠ ‘perfect’


The SKWAWKBOX has argued – and, I believe demonstrated – over the last cxouple of weeks that Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘three-line whip’ approach to the government’s ‘Article 50’ bill to trigger the Brexit process was the best available option. He played a poor hand cleverly to win two important concessions from a government that didn’t – with it’s outright majority in Parliament and few Tories likely to rebel – need to offer any. Some Labour members still find it a hard pill to swallow.

Yesterday, the Independent published the results of a ComRes poll on Corbyn’s handling of the issue. The results show that Corbyn judged it exactly right – though (of course) some are still arguing differently.

corbyn brexit poll.pngTo get a proper understanding of how he played it exactly right and why, it’s important (and it’s something that Labour remainers who are still agonising over last June’s result often seem to…

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