So Labour didn’t change #Brexit? Here’s a concession you might not know of


So, so predictable that today the media, political opposition parties who were never in a position to achieve and change and some Labour MPs and members are making today (yet another) ‘blame Corbyn for everything’ day. The news broadcasters and print media are doing their usual, unprincipled thing, while Nicola Sturgeon, in particular, disgraced herself with some opportunistic, reality-denying nonsense:

sturgeonThe Article 50 bill – which is really not news if you think about it – made it through Parliament. It was always going to and nothing – whether you like it or not – was going to change that, or even disturb its passage. The Parliamentary mathematics made sure of that.

Some people, of course, never let the facts get in the way of a good smear – especially when it’s an opportunity to deflect attention that Theresa May got her backside handed to her in PMQs yesterday, after…

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