How Blairites rigging 2017 conference delegates – are they doing it to YOUR CLP?


Last year the SKWAWKBOX revealed the gerrymandering of Labour’s 2016 annual Conference in Liverpool by right-wing factions in the party and how this – along with some frankly unlawful rule-breaking – allowed right-wingers voted off the NEC (National Executive Committee) to rig the make-up of the post-Conference NEC against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

This year, the ‘Blairites’ (a catch-all term for the right for the purposes of this article) were already planning their moves for the 2017 Conference in Brighton as early as New Year’s Day (in fact, in some areas, unlawful rigging attempts were already being made) and this blog appealed to left-wing members to be alert and ready to act.

Now one of the main – and almost certainly not the only – methods for this year’s rigging has started to reveal itself and supporters of Jeremy Corbyn’s vision for the party need to be aware and to…

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