Apparently, #Corbyn has no policies. Here they are – and they’re exciting


pol download.pngCorbyn’s policies are not secret – the Blairites just treat them like they are

As this blog observed a few days ago, the ‘business as usual’, anti-Corbyn faction of the Labour party is currently carrying out a second ‘silent coup’ – a strategy of silence and denial with regard to the credibility of the Labour party under Jeremy Corbyn.

Basically, this consists of keeping silent about any Labour ‘vision’ and then claiming “there’s no plan!” at every opportunity, with the assistance of the media who put 10 ‘plan-deniers’ in front of the public for every Corbyn supporter and who give the former an easy ride while sneering at the latter.

Of course, the reality is that Corbyn and his team have both a vision and a plan. The quandary is, as it always has been for a Labour opposition, that disclosing plans runs the risk of the Tories stealing them…

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