The REAL reason Rudd won’t allow an #Orgreave enquiry


Within the last hour or so, Home Secretary Amber Rudd has created outrage by refusing to allow a public inquiry into the police assault on striking miners commonly known as the Battle of Orgreave.

Ms Rudd’s stated reasons for the refusal are wafer-thin:

This has been a difficult decision to make, and one which I have thought about very carefully. I have now concluded that there is not a sufficient basis for me to instigate either a statutory inquiry or an independent review…
Despite the forceful accounts and arguments provided by the campaigners and former miners who were present that day, about the effect that these events have had on them, ultimately there were no deaths or wrongful convictions

As if the mere fact that nobody died or was imprisoned means that an attack in which police have admitted they were told to use maximum violence, and following which they concocted…

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