NEC gerrymander not power-grab? So why all the speakers for it Corbyn-haters?


At this morning’s session of Labour’s annual conference, there was a bitter battle to try to prevent the forcing-through of a ‘pre-pack’ of NEC rule changes, rather than a proper, democratic debate on each rule change. This bundling of good and bad rule changes forced delegates to either accept good and bad or reject good and bad – and the conference Chair and platform broke numerous clear Labour rules to force it through.

I’ll be publishing in detail about the various anti-democratic aspects of this morning’s debacle in detail, but there is one aspect that deserves special attention.

The ‘party line’ on the decision to bundle the changes as one ‘take it or leave it’ package was defended on the grounds that it was about ‘moving business forward’ quickly to allow more time ‘to talk policy and take the fight to the Tories’ – and that it was not about an…

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