Did Blairites FAKE ‘vermin’ t-shirt pic?



Edit: I’ve had some comments saying the disturbed areas are just an effect of jpeg compression – and others from experienced designers saying it’s not. So – being a Corbyn fan and not a Blairite, and therefore keen to portray the truth accurately, I’ve amended the text to reflect that. That said, I’ve looked at dozens of high-contrast t-shirt jpegs that have none of the tell-tales described below, so judge – and check if you wish – for yourself.

This is my first post on the SKWAWKBOX blog in well over a year. These days my time is taken up almost entirely by running a business and being a grandad, so with regret I’ve had to leave the investigations and analysis to others. However, this post was too important not to write it.

Much has been made by opponents of Jeremy Corbyn of the ‘bullying’ and ‘intimidation’ supposedly existing and…

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