Stop the Vultures!


vulture-001Four factual points show those who are scaring us about Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership have never got it right.

(1)From the early beginning, they told us no one in the party wants us to shift to the left and continued telling us that one of the main reasons why Ed Miliband lost the elections was some of his left wing policies and that we have to put businesses first – five months later- Jeremy Corbynwins a landslide victory – threefold ahead of the second Andy Burnham who is also on the left of the party, Liz Kendall – Party’s right candidate from the pro Business camp – who backed Osborne’s cuts, despite a generous mainstream media and friendly TV presenters, wins a poor 4% of the Vote!

(2)They told us Corbyn’s leadership and the “too left policies” would push people away from the Labour Party and…

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