Dan Jarvis: A Stalking Donkey


One of Jeremy Corbyn’s opponents in the Labour Party, army major Dan Jarvis, MP for Barnsley Central, gave a speech to right-of-centre think-tank Demos: Jarvis Demos Speech.  The speech had no particular central topic and was unconnected to any recent events; a preçis of the speech is easy: “I think Labour should pretend to oppose some Tory polices, but, ultimately, we must love the capitalist status quo as much as they do.”  It was stupefyingly pointless.

However, the abject hollowness of the speech – riddled with contradictions, misrepresentations and catatonic platitudes – is almost irrelevant since its sole purpose is to provide a faux catalyst for more anti-Corbyn rhetoric from ‘moderate’ activists in Labour and the liberal, (small ‘l’), media.  It’s the circle jerk of whingers: One of them emits a flaccid speech, the others jump to comment upon it.  Slugs at an orgy.  

Dan Jarvis, Labour leadership challenger?


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