Tory case for war is based on deceit and delusion:

The Tory case is always based on deceit and delusion!



The Tory government’s case for direct British military participation in Syria is being proposed on the basis of deceit and delusion.

Prime Cameron’s main aim remains the same as two years ago and is shared by the US, NATO and their allied dictatorships in the Middle East.

It is to replace the regime of President al-Assad with one more compliant with Western military and business interests, even at the risk of strengthening religious sectarianism and breaking up Syria.

US and NATO military intervention is primarily intended to create ‘safe havens’ in which Western-backed rebels – many of them Islamic fundamentalists – can be equipped to launch a decisive insurgency against the legitimate and internationally recognised government in Damascus.

Tory claims that there are 70,000 ‘moderate rebels’ on the ground ready to assist Western air power, based on assessments…

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