Poor Sleep Poisons the Brain (Study on Neurotoxin Buildup provides clues for ME/CFS)

As my sleep is of an erratic unrefreshing kind I found this post of particular interest …

ginger ail

The first time I heard lack of sleep could kill you, be the actual cause of your death, I thought it had to be an urban legend; like the Jackalope or Big Foot.  Mythical JackALope

When I discovered this isn’t a tall tale but a very pure reality, I wondered:  How?  How does prolonged sleep deprivation kill you?  And if you don’t actually die, what does prolonged lack of good sleep do to you?  It’s used as a torture technique so obviously, it’s not good.

Besides giving my body (and my poor Mom) some much needed rest, sleep seemed like a useless waste of time to me as a kid.  Then I got sick and sleep became one of my first signs something was very wrong.  It felt like the 23 hour sleeping marathons were my tenuous lifeline to survival, although I had no idea why.

So how exactly is lack…

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