Making Britain better for ‘hardworking people’.

an excellent post regarding how political slogans so easily make people with disabilities and chronic illnesses feel unimportant and/ or undeserving. A little more sensitivity from politicians creating their vote-grabbing’soundbites’ is urgently needed!

Dead Men Don't Snore

Readers from the United Kingdom cannot fail to have noticed the General Election taking place this week.

Living on the very edge of my constituency in an area of social housing where few people vote, political campaign teams never usually visit my area. In the half-dozen General, European and Council Elections I’ve voted in since I moved here, I have previously received only one doorstep visit and three campaign leaflets (all but one of which were from the BNP). The desperation of larger parties to avoid a hung parliament however, and the possibility for smaller parties to gain influence in coalition means canvassers have been flocking here for weeks and my recycling box has filled with a rainbow of leaflets.

Regardless of party affiliation, every leaflet I have read and every canvasser I’ve spoken to has encapsulated their message in the same pithy slogan: ‘hardworking people’.

Whether they are ‘

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