“If we combine, we can win”: interview with John McDonnell

As the general election will soon be upon us, and despite the fact that my heart has more affinity with the Green Party’s policies (and those of Plaid Cymru and even TUSC), my more pragmatic nature means that Labour is the only way I can vote. It’s always good to know that there are some Socialists in the Labour Party!

Socialist Campaign for a Labour Victory


John McDonnell (Labour MP for Hayes and Harlington in West London, chair of the Labour Representation Committee and convenor of the new Labour Left Platform) spoke to Omar Raii and Sacha Ismail.

The Tories are polling well and we have the rise of UKIP. Is there a shift to the right in public opinion?

There’s a reaction to the economic crisis and in such circumstances people can go to the right or the left. If there isn’t a left alternative people can go to the right. Also people look back on a neo-liberal government under New Labour, which undermined standards of living for working-class people. So it’s no surprise people aren’t marching out for a Labour government. People are disoriented and want some kind of change but there is no obvious alternative. That’s where the Labour left is so important.

We should respond to UKIP by campaigning on positive policies…

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