Anger over Lib Dem remarks: “Never trust the public. They’re deeply unreliable.”

the LibDems certainly are unreliable!

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the Lib Dems!)

QUESTION: What do you do if – after selling out every single one of your principles and breaking just about every pre-election promise you’ve ever made for a tiny taste of power and a ministerial chauffeur-driven car – you find yourself so unpopular with voters that you’re facing Armageddon at the polls?

ANSWER: If you’re the Lib Dems you blame the public.

In a remarkable article on the Conservative Home website, leading Lib Dem Stephen Tall writes that the Lib Dems have learned what he called a “harsh lesson”, namely:

“Never trust the public. They’re deeply unreliable.”

Well, Stephen, after reading your article, I suggest you’ve missed the real ‘harsh lesson’ that you and your party colleagues should have learnt.

Namely that lying, spineless, two-faced, double-dealing, hypocritical, duplicitous, patronising, so-called liberal politicians – who break all their promises to their own voters to enable the most right-wing…

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