shake me and I’ll rattle – but I don’t know when

At the moment I’m finding it difficult to keep track of times to take sundry medications since an antimicrobial and an antibiotic have been added to the regimen. Metronidazole,the antimicrobial, must be taken with or just after food whereas the antispasmodic, mebeverine, has to be taken 20 minutes before a meal; at least since my ppi was switched from lansoprazole to omeprazole that no longer needs to be taken at least half-an-hour before a meal.

First thing in the morning, whilst still abed, I take a low dose of sertraline, omeprazole, mebeverine, an omega 3 supplement and, if necessary 100mg of tramadol. About half an hour later I take the amoxicillin and metronidazole after snacking on a banana and maybe a bit of toast.

In the early afternoon I struggle to remember the the pre-meal mebeverine but so far managing to remember the metronidazole and amoxicillin shortly after eating a snack lunch, alongside a Vit B supplement. Late afternoon to early evening I’m usually preparing dinner, so it’s ready when my beloved gets back from work, only to remember, as I take the first mouthful, that I’ve forgotten the mebeverine!

A little later in the evening, antibiotic and antimicrobial are swallowed and then, about an hour before bedtime, amitriptylene and tramadol which theoretically should overcome some of the all too frequent nocturnal pains and discomfort.

Thankfully the amoxicillin and metronidazole are just a seven day course which, hopefully, should have sorted the diverticulitis. Meantime a griping pain stretching from right side to lower back has sprung to prominence as the abdominal pain recedes; at the moment I’m not sure whether it’s muscular or referred, but it certainly rides high on my (subjective) pain scale.

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One Response to shake me and I’ll rattle – but I don’t know when

  1. Oxcliffe Vixen says:

    Your getting as bad as us! We get our pills by the bagload these days. I just wish they all followed the same rules. It would make life so much easier. Still enjoy your sweeties. Love & cyberhugs, the Oxcliffe Vixen xx

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