drifting with the flow

When not overwhelmingly, or indeed any degree beyond negligibly, distracted by the sundry aches and pains that head, chest, abdomen and limbs, are heir to, relaxation comes quite easily (providing guilt doesn’t rear its head). In these circumstances, it’s really quite disturbing how little time I find to quite simply relax.

I suppose that an average bed-rest requirement of twelve hours, these days at least, leaves fewer moments to simply be rather than do; today proved a notable exception, relaxation being a keynote of the day once I’d prepared dinner ready for ma belle’s return from chapel.

As we ate the Spaghetti Bolognese variant, that I’d concocted, I found myself thinking of the bella notte scene from ‘Lady & the Tramp’ – so after dinner out came a DVD of that animation which, although we’ve both seen it several times, still manages to entertain. After watching ‘Songs of Praise’, followed by the news and local news, we decided to watch another classic animation, this time ‘Pinocchio’. I doubt that I ever saw this film as a child and, if I had, I’m quite sure that I would remember much of it as being quite frightening. Although the basic storyline and the songs, from the film, are both very familiar, we found ourselves wondering whether or not we’d ever seen the complete movie before.

Today, I’ve largely managed to ignore the nagging aches and pains, simply drifting with the cinematic flow.

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