Peaks and Quaffs

Just relaxing with a glass of ‘Alma Andina’ Torrontes after a day of bus(il)y doing nothing. My emergence into day was somewhat painful once more, each attempt to turn in bed, or even lift myself up a little, producing excruciating lightning bolts apparently bouncing back and forth between lumbar region, hip, thigh, ankle in sundry eratically intermittent configurations. [Not a totally unexpected experience – see yesterdays posting, Of Pain Creators, Pain Pathways and Pain Killers. on my Sinna Luvva blog]

Within an hour of my emergence, went along to Cafe Culture with ma belle and Cathy for a little light lunch and we each quaffed our own preferred variety of Fair Trade tea. It’s such a pleasantly relaxing environment. On return home we listened to some recordings of Adele and Paul Weller, both performers (in this instance) perfectly dispelling any notion of a generation gap between our youngest daughter and ourselves.

Early in the evening, forearmed with an extra dose of tramadol, I went with my beloved to do a little grocery shop, and collect a prescription for myself, at Waitrose. The first ten minutes or so were fine but then, shooting spasmodic pains in spine and lower limbs acccompanied a vague generalized nauseating muzziness which sent me to seek out a place to sit down for a little while. A few minutes later I was ready to join ma belle ,just as she was approaching the checkout till.

Shooting pains have now been replaced with more of a dull ache, the painkillers having eventually kicked in, and I’m able to enjoy a drop of alcoholic beverage as a refreshing accompaniment to my enjoyment of tonight’s BBC4 programmes (of ornithological interest).

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