Gale force Entrapment


If the Holy Spirit manifests him/its/her self as “a rushing mighty wind”, we’ve definitely received our second baptism hereabouts. Had we left the door open it would certainly have “filled the house”, if not lifting it a la Dorothy’s house on embarkation to Oz.Talk about things that go bump in the night; during my intermittent sleep I was all too audibly aware of some insecurely attached objects being zephyr transplanted to fresh locations but,  true to form, my beloved slept right through it.

As declared in yesterday’s posting, we currently have no access via the front door of the house so, it was somewhat disturbing to discover that the gales had blown down the ivy, along with the top of the fence, which lines the narrow pathway (at the side of the house) the sole access point between back door of the house and public highway. Earlier in the morning ma belle did manage to scramble underneath the dense obstructive foliage, to pop out to the local shops for some essentials, discovering in the process that the ivy, which had been established for at least a couple of decades, had managed to decapitate (stricly left tenuously hanging on a few gristly strips of bark) some sharply thorned shrubs as it succumbed to the call of gravity.

Armed with loppers, secateurs, and a saw, we boldly sought to clear the passageway. A first attempt at lopping the heavily rooted arterial branches which had, for so long, attached the ivy to the fence proved heavy going. The thickness of the majority of feeder branches meant that it thwarted attempts to use the powered hedge trimmer. Having severed the first section, at the back, the realization dawned that sundry other tantalizingly interwoven branches also required severance. Drastic measures were called for so, we contacted Cathy’s partner Ken who swiftly arrived on his white charger (of the Transit variety) to our scene of arboricultural carnage. It was with a tremendous sense of relief we finally regained ease of access to the narrow footpath and much of the branch, twig, and foliar debris has been manually manoeuvred to the areas of shrubby undergrowth at the top end of the garden; it will hopefully prove a boon to sundry garden fauna.

Mind you, these minor acts of natural devastation stand as nothing compared to that havoc which the ConDem cabinet (of millionaires) are wreaking upon the disadvantaged and deserving poor!


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