Cold Snap – Cold Trap

At the moment, I’m feeling somewhat shiveringly trapped.

It was fine whilst I was upstairs, the wall heaters helping to retain my body heat once I’d emerged from my cosily snuggled duvet warmth, but now I’m sitting downstairs in the cold, waiting for the appliance engineer to arrive and service the gas fires.

I’m reluctant to light the fires, in either of the downstairs rooms, suspecting they may become a little too hot for him to handle. You may well ask why I’m sitting downstairs in the cold when I could be upstairs in the warmth! The answer’s quite simple, albeit in a freshly complicated way.

Yesterday, workmen arrived to prepare a concrete base ready for a new porch at the front door; as a result there is temporarily no access via this door and, the doorbell is temporarily out of reach for any potential visitor. The gas appliance man knows to come round to the back door but, there we have no bell.

If I go and work on the computer upstairs there’s a very real possibility, almost an inevitability, that I wouldn’t hear his knock on the door. On a previous visit, to service the water heater, he arrived almost an hour earlier than anticipated; today I’m attempting to make sure that I don’t miss him should there be a similar occurrence.

Recently, on Thursday mornings I’ve strolled down to Open Church for a cup of coffee (or two) and a little light conversation but, today’s essential waiting game precluded such activity. As I write this I’ve just remembered that we have an electric fan-type heater up in the loft somewhere but,it would be just my luck that the workman arrives whilst I’m up there trying to find it. I prefer not to have another day of waiting.


yesterday I posted Poppy Day Dilemmas on my Sinna Luvva blog.

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2 Responses to Cold Snap – Cold Trap

  1. technogran1 says:

    If your luck is anything like mine, no sooner will you have arrived upstairs where you can’t hear the knock than he will arrive. I’ve had days where I have been waiting for someone to call and you can guarantee that as soon as I perch on the toilet, the door bell will ring!

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