Respectable Crooks

Well, it certainly makes a change for a daytime radio programme (in this case Jeremy Vine – Radio 2)to look at the business of tax evasion. There’s certainly been overkill, and Osborne inspired exagerration, on the issue of benefit cheats. This topic begins by considering the jobbing plumber and builder who asks for cash in hand, at a saving to the householder, rather than putting it through the books. Of course these ‘evaders’ are generally the people who are not wealthy enough to utilize the many tax avoidance loopholes.The amount lost through tax evasion evidently makes the claimed losses owing to benefit fraud seem like residual crumbs from the fraudsters banquet. (I suspect the amount lost through legitimate(?) avoidance, by patriotic businessmen, will be even greater).

Whilst working as an accounts manager, for a reputable high class furnishing company, I was disciplined on more than one occasion for refusing to put a false (workplace / company office) delivery address when I knew full well that all the furnishings were delivered to a directors or employers private residence for purely domestic purposes. Cheating the VAT man was considered respectable; my refusal to assist in the fraud was considered dishonourable.

Of course, it’s far too much to expect this businessmans government to introduce any measures to tackle the issue of tax avoidance (via legal loopholes).


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