A rant in response to the latest begging letter

This post originally appeared on my blog on Labour Membersnet – just letting off steam!

A rant in response to the latest begging letter!

@ 3:56 pm, Fri 1st Oct 2010

And today the begging letter / lavishly produced leaflet is for ‘Project Game Plan‘; I certainly seem to have had more requests for me to part with my money since rejoining the Labour Party, shortly before the last election, than I’d received begging letters / e-mails etc from the charities I had formerly supported in the course of the whole previous year.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m well aware of how much the party is dependent on donations but, these nagging requests for money to which I am unable to respond positively have inadvertently drawn my attention to those areas where Labour is as bad as the Tories – especially in regard to their attitude towards people on incapacity benefit as “scroungers”. Part of the reason I am unable to respond to these requests for money is that my purse is relatively empty having been unable to work, suffering with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, since November 2003. The hoops and hurdles one had to pass through to obtain, and retain, Incapacity Benefit proved so traumatizing that I daren’t even consider applying for Disability Living Allowance which my therapist in the Chronic Fatigue Unit was convinced I was entitled to! Perhaps my position was not helped by suffering from an unfashionable neurological disease (WHO classification ICD 10 G93.3), towards which the government’s attitude has been unduly influenced by a small clique of medical insurance industry linked psychiatrists.

I feel like a wealthy person since attaining State Pension Age in June 2009 but, unfortunately, having started from a somewhat restricted financial base, having been part of the Thatcher induced New Labour continued low wage economy prior to my ill health, do not find myself in a position to financially contribute any more than my membership fee to the party (a party which, incidentally, has shown little or no inclination to support essential biomedical research into M.E.). I am also hoping that the new leaders emphasis on the “squeezed middle” does not entail ignoring of the poorest in society.

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