heigh-ho heigh-ho to A & E we go (again)

The crog-like froaking has been paying more frequent, intermittenly persistent, visits to yours truly. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the greatest of my worries today.

Following a restless night (remaining muscle and gut achingly wide awake from shortly after 3.00am) I lacked the stamina to remove myself from the duvet lair much before mid-day and, eventually struggled downstairs sometime after 1.00pm. (and this in spite of a gathering of visitors – see “Another busy week has passed” on ma belle’s Bright Light blog!)

Shortly after 3.00pm I ventured out for a little walk with ma belle and Beth but, the exercise proved of little benefit. In the space of ten minutes I had to stop and sit down on three separate occasions, each time being ‘winded’ by sudden sharp stabbing pains to the left of centre of my chest. After the brief sharply stabbing sensation subsided, a residual sensation of moderately acute bruising lingered on. As I had also been experiencing cramping sensations in my calfs (not altogether unusual for me) and ‘pins and needles’ in my left hand, I thought it best to try and get an emergency appointment with my GP. As soon as the receptionist (over the ‘phone) heard the mention of chest pains she went to have a word with one of the doctors, swiftly followed by the information that an ambulance was on its way.

The paramedics noted that my pulse was racing and my BP a little on the high side but the ECG was quite normal. Just to be on the safe side they took me down to the hospital for a few blood tests etc. After further ECG, BP and temperature readings had been taken, a nurse came to insert a canula and extract some samples of my blood. I was really impressed by the courtesy and efficiency of all the staff ( paramedics, nurses and doctors alike) who dealt with me during the couple of hours spent in A&E.

The suspicion falls once again on my major reflux problems, other factors / tests producing negative results. The doctor in A&E suggested that I seek the advice of my GP regarding any further tests and observations that may be considered helpful. Meantime I depend on the limited efficacy of the ppi’s, pain killers and nasal spray to alleviate some of the more discomforting symptoms.

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3 Responses to heigh-ho heigh-ho to A & E we go (again)

  1. technogran1 says:

    I do hope you are feeling much better. As someone who waited for too long when she began to suffer from (what appeared to me to be rather bad indigestion) and therefore damaged her heart, its always best to be on the safe side and call an ambulance.

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