I no longer allow comments on this blog having become fed up with constantly reporting Spam abuse (largely long lists of links for Japanese and /or Chinese sex sites) and deleting such comments. Windows Live is certainly not interested in taking any measures to prevent this, not even considering a ‘Captcha’ device for anyone leaving comments, even though they use this device to protect themselves when you go to the trouble of reporting such incidents.The provision of a ‘moderation’ facility, alongside ‘captcha’, as provided by Blogger would make a useful start!

Other blog providers, unlike Microsoft, believe in being of assistance (albeit limited) to their users.

P.S. 5 August 2010: I have re-instated comments, just out of curiosity but, I still fail to understand why Windows Live can’t provide a ‘captcha’ facility alongside an ability to preview (moderate) comments before they appear on the blog

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