Sometimes it’s as if memories are more tangible than present reality.
The memories I refer to, are those dating back to a time when
socializing, travel, sensory overload could all be taken in my stride;
the days when I could go to a concert, a gig, the theatre, cinema etc
just on a whim, without first having to steel myself for the ordeal. I’m
never sure whether clinging to these memories has any positive value
as, they simply serve to throw into the spotlight my current more
restricted existence. I suspect it’s best to simply live in the present,
maximise the opportunities afforded by spending time in the garden,
dipping into a book as and when the necessary emotional stamina and
concentration is available, listening to a CD, watching a DVD and,
especially any time spent in the company of my beloved.

Yesterday we went over to the garden centre at Otley, and I thoroughly
enjoyed the journey, approx 15 – 20 mins either way, just about my ideal
distance these days. A couple of garden vouchers, that we’d received
for our wedding anniversary, went towards a pair of good quality shears,
and although tempted by many items, I only yielded to the temptation
to buy a couple of alpine / perennial plants to refresh a rather outworn
display in one of the stone planters. Inspired by the excursion, I got
down to the necessary transplanting operation within a couple of minutes
of arriving back home. Meanwhile ma belle set about a little more
tidying up of one of the garden borders.

As we worked, a blackbird provided a beautifully mellifluous background
melody; what more could one ask for! Yet there was more. My attention
was constantly drawn to the pond, where the piscine inhabitants seemed
to gleam in the newly clarified water, the underwater filter having been
re-installed (by yours truly) a couple of days ago. Come to think of
it, there’s nothing more real than now! What’s more, ignoring
troublesome afflictions, I’ve never known a time of more contentment.
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