It’s been a weekend of planting and transplanting in both the garden pond area and the aquarium. Yesterday, the persistent rain wasn’t at all conducive to venturing out into the garden so, the aquarium became the focus of my attention. The oxygenating weed in the aquarium certainly needed a bit of cropping and some discarding; after a thorough vacuuming of the gravel, a newly acquired selection of aquatic plants have revivified the rather tired aquascape and, all this done with minimal disturbance of the piscine inhabitants.

The pond fish were still in that state of somewhat somnolent hovering, in the murkier depths, as my beloved and I struggled to remove a root tangled clump of reeds and flag iris from the pond’s margin. After a considerable degree of exertion we finally succeeded in it’s removal; at this point a saw was the only implement capable of separating the component clumps into manageable sizes to place into a couple of large containers, our earlier efforts with spade, shears and secateurs, having failed abysmally.

My renewed ability to tackle this kind of task is yet another cause for thanksgiving. I rejoice, and am glad, in this day the Lord has made.

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One Response to Untangling

  1. Jen says:

    Ah, but it\’s said that gardening, or things close to it come highly recommended to those in need of refreshment of some kind. Now, if only I had the energy…

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