Ringing The Changes

It was really
good to receive a ‘phone call from my physio, this morning, having
heard nothing since August. The call confirmed my suspicion that she’d
had a relapse, being a fellow M.E. sufferer, and consequently been out
of circulation since August. Fortunately, she has now returned to work
for a few hours each week, even though those few hours are already
proving quite exhausting but, with a bit of careful management, she
hopes to return to her normal hours in the new year. I’m now looking
forward to the next call when she’ll be arranging a visit to apply the
magic needles (I’m talking acupuncture here) to yours truly. The
treatment I’ve received, by this means, has proved most efficacious
both in terms of pain control and re-energizing.

My second ‘phone call of the day was quite unwelcome. Having given a second chance (disregarding their somewhat inflated prices)
to ‘Pieroth’, the wine merchant whose reps visit one at home for a wine
tasting, and placed an order for a case which we received in the past
week, they decided to give us a call today to try and sell us some more.

reason we’d previously given up on them was the high number of
unwelcome canvassing phone calls, a reason which we had explained to
them on numerous occasions. This time there will be no further chances,
they can keep their product and stuff it where the sun don’t shine.
When will they ever learn?

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One Response to Ringing The Changes

  1. Jen says:

    People who live for profit never DO learn!

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