Reminding Myself

The following post originally appeared on my Sinna Luvva blog in early December last year. When I stumbled across it again, I realized how much much I need to remind myself of these things.



Sometimes I think that I’ve grasped it, at other times the whole technique seems to elude me. That sense of gratitude for the many blessings that have come my way is so easily submerged beneath current setbacks, whereas the fact of these setbacks should serve as sufficient reminder of those blessings, rather than a blanket which veils them from view.


To give thanks, show appreciation for, the simple fact of being, ensures that the simple ‘given’ takes pride of place. It’s always easy to celebrate a great step forward but, the more consciously we are able to affirm each action, each moment of our lives, those instances become more worthy of affirmation.


Sometimes it feels as if one should squeeze the last drop of pleasure out of each experience, wallow in the moment and, if possible ….  What am I talking about, we should try to squeeze the last drop of pleasure, out of each experience, all of the time!


Right, I’ve grasped the theory, now all that’s needed is the determination and stamina to practise this affirmative art.


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One Response to Reminding Myself

  1. Patti says:

    A great post! This is an art I need to practice too!

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