Decline of a Pub Bistro

Disappointment this lunchtime,
when we decided to amble across to the local ‘Crepes & Crocs’ bistro at ‘The
Milepost’, at least the stroll there was eventful as we were stopped to be
interviewed for Sky News about the postal strike, only to discover a total
change of menu. No more crepes or crocs, nor any of the exciting menu
previously proffered; instead we’re presented with a menu offering the usual
boring pub food repertoire.


Unfortunately, we’d
already ordered our drinks before viewing the menu thus holding up our
departure by a few minutes, whilst I consumed an excellent pint of malty “Hobgoblin”.
No complaints about the beverage, just the menu, the sole reason for our being
there. Upside of the visit; the chippy opposite the pub was open so we took
away fish and chips for two at less than the price of one serving at the pub.
Why pay double the price for the privilege of sitting at a table in an
otherwise deserted hostelry; the reason for the menu change was “lack of demand”
yet, this is the first time we’ve visited when there were no other dining
customers and, they even lost these two potential diners into the bargain.


There’s no point dining
out if all you’re going to offered is the usual ten-a-penny pub grub!

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